Are you intending to have a new website or want to customize the existing one? Then, you will come across a vast number of terms, one of which is custom website design.

A custom web design gives your online branding a distinct identity when compared to shared and paid templates. It also gives a site the freedom to develop additional features that will best serve its clients. But that’s not all. A custom web design integrates culture and business processes into one place, giving your clients a comprehensive understanding of your company and the value, you provide.

Here we will explain why every business should consider a custom web design for its online reputation and what should we consider to choose the best website design in Bangladesh:

What is a Custom Website Design?

The art and science of custom web design and development rely on understanding the target audience, learning about the business requirements, applying effective strategy processes, designing, functioning, and achieving success online.

The term custom website design refers to developing a website without using predesigned templates.

Websites created this way are usually designed and created by individuals or businesses that want their information, mission, and design to stand out.

“Preset Website Theme” Vs “Custom Website Design

Objectives Custom Website Design Preset Website Theme
Forces one to plan Takes just a few minutes. Forces business owners to examine how they provide value for their clients and their businesses.
Branding Will be similar, if not identical, to tens of thousands of others. Allowing businesses to deeply integrate their brand concept, including custom colors, graphics, and layouts.
Ownership Purchasable with bundles of offers Fully to the business owners
Control Templates limit the ability of businesses to customize their ideal online presence. Owner can control every aspect of how the website looks and functions.
Opportunity for Growth More challenging to make changes to reflect the growth of a website such as e-commerce, better social networking, and blogs or forums. Provides the necessary flexibility.

What is the best custom website design company for your business in Bangladesh?

Websites have now evolved into a variety of categories, including blogs, eCommerce, portfolios, etc. Having a simple site is no longer sufficient in the face of the millions already available on the internet. A website must have a good User Experience (UX) design, accessibility, and responsiveness to be viewed easily via smaller hand-held devices to stand out.

It must have powerful capabilities and security modules to hold vulnerable and personal data, payment information, and so on, as well as complex software solutions.

According to BASIS, web design companies account for approximately 45 percent of the 800 registered companies in Bangladesh. So, how do you pick the best web design company out of all of them?

Once you’ve decided on the type of website and services you want to use, the next step is to assess the compatibility and transparency of a company.

Here we explain three points to keep in mind when choosing one for your business.


When it comes to experience, there are two things to look for:

  1. How long have they been in business? Are they a well-established company or a start-up?
  2. Do they have experience designing websites for your industry that produce results, and have the features you require for yours?

Your agency partner should have processes in place to simplify and ease the design of your site. You’ll also get a sense of their culture when you meet with potential web design partners. So, in addition, you need to keep in mind these questions too. Do you get the impression that they make you feel welcome? Do they pay attention to your requirements? Are they enthusiastic about your project?


The portfolio of a web design company is the next best way to evaluate skills and capabilities. Just make sure you’re looking for more than just visually appealing websites. A beautiful website that is difficult to use will never outperform a good website that is easy to use.

Portfolios will reveal information about creativity, industry experience, and more. When reviewing portfolios, keep the following in mind:

  1. Do they design mobile-friendly websites?
  2. Do they adhere to the most recent web design trends?
  3. Are all of the websites the same in terms of structure, navigation, imagery, and so on?
  4. Have any of their sites received any awards?

If you like an agency’s work but don’t work in your industry, ask them what they would do for your business. While you want to work with someone who has experience in your industry, you also need to enjoy the work they do.


Many designers are offering high-quality, low-cost professional web designs. However, because of the lack of transparency, there may be a few hiccups along the way.

Miscommunication between clients and IT companies increases the likelihood of misunderstandings and leaves more room for errors and mistakes.

Why should you choose The Zoom IT for your custom website design?

When you combine all those features with the hope to get your personal site the best design, you see the shadow of Zoom IT, one of the leading digital solution farms of the country.

Zoom IT has a well-known name in the web design industry. We provide a wide range of web design and development services. Our tagline is “Need quality, not quantity.” Like that, we are very concerned with providing the best services to its customers.

Zoomit can design any type of website at a reasonable price, whether it is an e-commerce website, a news portal, a clothing website, a blog, a corporate website, an educational website, or a responsive website. One of the key features of our deliveries is mobile-friendly features.

Customers can see Zoomit’s work for themselves and get a clear idea of its quality. They are also free to choose what kind of website design they want by choosing different offers and packages on the official link.

Thanks for your time!

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