What we do

From interaction design to wireframing our highly specialized designers have a practical understanding of all the key elements of UI/UX design.

Mobile UI UX

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Website UI UX

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Ecommerce UI UX

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Product Interfaces

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Technology We Use

With our skilled design crew and vastly experienced management, we can offer you truly world-class UI/UX designs.
  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Xd

  • Figma

  • HTML 5

  • CSS3

  • Javascript

  • Bootstrap

  • Vue

  • React

What Makes Our UI/UX Design Stand Out?

It’s natural for you to inquire what made us special before getting our services.

Exceptional Interaction Design

One of the best areas of our expertise is our outstanding interaction design. We make sure the user interaction with your website or application remains user-friendly.

Quality Information Architecture

Information architecture is the system that connects people to the content present on the website. Our designers would structure the entire webpage content and navigation in a manner that the users would find a lot more organized and easy to grasp.


Usability is another key aspect of our UI/UX design. We make sure the website can be operated without much complication and provides favorable surfing conditions for users.

Why Would Our UI/UX Design Add to Your Business?

One of the most important elements that make your business a success is how it can engage with users online. If your business has a solid online presence with engaging visuals and an easily operable website design, the possibilities of it succeeding would be a lot more probable and that’s exactly what we’ll offer. Let’s learn more about what value our UI/UX design will add to your business.

  1. Offer Better Customer Satisfaction

    Our fascinating UI/UX design will allow your users to navigate through your web pages or applications effortlessly. Hence, make sure your users are satisfied and happy.

  2. Raise Brand Identity and Brand Loyalty

    Your website design is the face of your brand. If it’s designed in an attractive manner, the visual will be ingrained in the minds of your customers. A highly engaging visual appearance will make users remember your brand and give you a competitive edge. It will create a unique brand identity and make users visit your website time and time again.

  3. Website Authority

    It’s a commonly understood fact that if a website has a stupendous UI design, it will instantly increase its validity. You may use your site for financial activities. You may use eCommerce or affiliate programs to gain a profit. You may also offer various web services in return for monthly or yearly fees. That’s why your website must have a visually appealing design to give it a more authentic flavor so that users feel secure to invest in the services you’re offering.
    Our UI/UX design will assess your company profile and come up with a unique, industry-specific design, to make your website a standard appearance that users can trust. So, your web earning would be eased and you’d remain free of unwanted complications.

  4. Increased Web Traffic

    Quality UI/UX design is another critical element that helps you gain traffic. Along with SEO and Social media marketing, UI/UX design can contribute to bringing in traffic to your site or apps.
    When users have a pleasant experience browsing through your site or using your application, they will share their views on forums like Reddit, or on social media platforms.
    Moreover, users can share their experience on other web service review portals like Trust Pilot, Bazaarvoice, Reviews.io, and Yotpo.
    In case it’s a mobile application, the positive remarks will be shown in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.
    When new users witness the positive remarks and reviews from previous in different portals, they’d feel a lot more inclined to give your site or app a visit. Hence, increasing the natural traffic flow to your website!

  5. Increased Revenue

    As the simple and easily accessible website and app UX design will bring in more visitors, the earnings from them would certainly go up. Better conversion rates and improved revenue will help you fulfill your business objectives faster.

  6. Faster Website Navigation and Web Operations

    Imagine a scenario where a user came to visit your application or website to purchase a particular service. Now, the design is so complicated that he isn’t able to locate the service and different purchasing options you have to offer. The conversion will get delayed and denied if the users find your website too complex to surf and operate. If you don’t want this to happen, you can go for our premium UI/UX design services. We’ll make sure your web application or website is easily accessible to your users and they have a pleasant experience browsing your site with better navigation and easy operations.

  7. Ease of Use

    Our highly interactive UI/UX design solutions would make it easy for users to browse through your site and applications. It will establish credibility among the users and make them permanent customers of your services.

Note: If you still have any question regarding our work, at CONTACT US

Why is UI/UX Design Important?

The user experience is what the user sees and feels when they interact with a website. The first impression that a user has of a website is what they see. It is important to make sure that the user experience is good so that the user doesn't feel overwhelmed or bored. It is also important to make sure that the website looks professional and appealing.

Right now UI/UX design is one of the most important factors you should consider while developing a web service whether you’re offering it through a website or a mobile application. Let’s find out why it’s considered an important aspect of a website or mobile app:

  • Ui/Ux design can make a website look better and more professional
  • Quality UI/UX design attracts more visitors to your site
  • Makes web applications easy to navigate
  • Offers a well-designed interface
  • Makes it easier for people to find the information they are looking for
  • Smart UI/UX design can help improve the user experience
  • Helps make visitors feel more comfortable and confident when using your site
  • Improve your website's conversion rate
  • Help businesses reach a wider audience.
  • Makes it easier for your customers to interact with your business

How much do UX designers charge?

A UX designer's charges can vary. The hourly for a quality UX designer is between $25-$40/hr. The fixed UX projects on the other hand can cost from $100 up to $10000 based on the output quality and the experience of the designer.

Now, you may ask ‘how much cost UI UX design in Bangladesh?’ The good news is that you’d get unbelievable design output from Bangladeshi UX designers within your budget.

The charge for a quality UI UX designer in Bangladesh can range from $100-$4000. A quality UI designer in Bangladesh should be able to provide you with stunning UX design outputs.

Top UX Designers in Bangladesh may charge more based on the level of expertise they have.

Which country is best for UX designer?

If you’re looking forward to hiring quality UX designers within a budget, you should target south Asia. You’d find exceptional UX designers providing standard UX design support at a rate that doesn’t break the bank.

Who is the best UX designer?

Luke Wroblewski from Google and Farai Madzima from Shopify and Whitney Hess from Heart Work are some of the best UX designers in the world right now. However, an ideal UX designer should have the following characteristics:

  • Quality communication skills
  • Hard-working and consistent design learning and application
  • Someone who understands the psychology of UX design
  • Exceptionally innovative in designing.
  • Delivers time.
  • A good UX designer is able to look at a project from every angle and see its potential in it.
  • The ideal UX designer will be able to work with both the client and the team to ensure that the project is completed on time and within budget
  • Understand the business and the user
  • Design for the needs of the organization.
  • Create a user experience that is easy to use and understand
  • A creative and critical thinker who has the ability to translate user needs into usable products

The good thing about us is that you’d find most of the above-mentioned skills in our senior designers!

So, you now know what makes Zoom IT one of the Best User Experience Agencies in Bangladesh. Usually, the best companies for UX designers in Bangladesh have a team of highly trained designers who work relentlessly to design your websites. And we follow the same strategy as well. Our line of highly experienced designers is the perhaps best solution to any UI/UX design job.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your website UX/UI designed by one of the Best Ui Ux Design Services Company In Bangladesh and make your website stand out from the ordinary competitors right now!