What is Hospital Management Software?

As already mentioned above, hospital management software is a very useful tool that would help you accomplish every hospital-related work effortlessly. Moreover, it is super easy to use and time-saving as well.

Hospital management software in Bangladesh helps you to streamline multiple hospital-related activities by using just one platform only.

With the help of this amazing tool, you can accomplish very complex activities such as patient registration and admission management, wards and bed management, employee management, doctor service management, and much more at very affordable pricing.

So, if you are in charge of maintaining and running a hospital in Bangladesh then believe me it is a go-to tool for your business. It will not just help you to accomplish your goals perfectly but also let you do things at ease.

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Our Features For Hospital Management Software Solution

Here at Zoom IT, we provide the best hospital management software for your everyday needs. Our developed software comes with many essential features that are easy to use and pretty hard to find elsewhere. Here are some of the trending features of our hotel management software:

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Records Medical Database

Our hospital management software records and provides an authentic database regarding every patient's medical history. Doctors can easily access the present address, personal info, test results, disease history, prescribed medicine list, payment history, etc.

This process helps the doctors to identify and contact each patient personally and give them the service they deserve. This lowers the danger of making the patients angry and dissatisfied.

Billing System

Every hospital is like a business company that needs regular payments to survive and give salaries to its staff and pay bills as well.

Our hospital management software gives a patient multiple payment options so that they don’t face any difficulty or hassle while paying for the service they have taken from any hospital or other hospital-like institutions such as diagnostic centers, clinics, and others.

Appointment and Scheduling

Our hospital management software gives patients an opportunity to book a schedule for their desired doctors both online and offline. Moreover, they can also see when doctors are available for giving their services as well. In this way, they don’t have to sit for hours waiting for the doctor to come.

The software also enables receptionists to book appointments for the patients and receive payments accordingly without any hassle. It makes their work super fast and easy.

Doctor Management

Our hospital management software records both the entry and exit times for the doctors and helps them generate authentic prescriptions and proper medication as well.

Moreover, doctors can issue tests and examine the patient’s past medical records using this amazing tool. So, they can provide authentic treatment to the patients.

Electronic Medical Records (EMR)

We have a powerful electronic medical records system for our doctors which is designed to help out the patients. Through this platform, doctors will be able to access the patient’s health-related conditions information. They can also record and keep evidence for taking better decisions and support.

Lab Management

We have an integrated lab management module that records and considers all your pathological needs and necessities. Medical and special laboratory activities are recorded and always kept under supervision as well.

Every patient both in and out can use and pay bills on their portal. So, there is no chance of an error taking place.

Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy management has become much easier and more fun with our hospital management software. It records all the medicine that you have stored in your inventory and also can record how much medicine has been sold throughout the day.

Moreover, it records all the billing procedures and automates the transaction as well. So, you can manage your pharmacy much more easily and comfortably as well.

Human Resource Management

Human resource management is an integral part of your hospital management. As business institutions, hospitals are supposed to manage and recruit the workforce as well.

Our hospital management software makes it much easier for you to manage your workforce. You can not only recruit new staff but also create new IDs for them and pay their salaries as well.

IPD & OPD System

This is one of the best features of our hospital management software in Bangladesh. With the help of this feature, HMS keeps track of the arrival and exit of all the patients.

Moreover, it records much other useful info regarding patients such as their admission record, their room numbers, and personal IDs, their appointment times with the doctors, their diet preferences, and much more

Emergency / Casualty Management

With the help of our hospital management software, you can serve patients, who need immediate treatments, by filling out special registration forms designed just for them.

This will help emergency patients to receive treatment much quicker and also saves a lot of time as well.

Managing Imaging and Diagnostics

Our hospital management software enables you to manage and check the reports of all the patients very easily. You can manage Radiology, oncology, and pathology much better through our system. This module has made all your critical hospital management tasks very simple and easy.

Things to Consider for Getting Hospital Management Software from Bangladesh

If you are going to use hospital management software in Bangladesh, which I think you should, then you must consider some key points first before making any progress toward purchasing one for your business. The key points that you must take into consideration are listed below:


Whenever you want to buy a product, pricing is the most important thing that you must consider first. So, if you are going to use hospital management software for your business then consider its pricing first and make sure it’s not over-priced and suits your budget well.


Versatility is another important factor that you must take into consideration. Make sure that the software you intend to purchase can perform all the difficult tasks at once and has the ability to meet all your needs. Moreover, it must have the ability to evolve and grow with your business and make your everyday task both smoother and easier.


Flexibility is another important aspect of your software that you must consider before buying. Your hotel management software must be flexible enough to adapt to the changes and evolve accordingly over the course of time. Moreover, it must have the ability to react positively in all wary situations as well.


Considering your company's budget is yet another factor that you should take into consideration. Sometimes companies have limited budgets and can’t really make an effort to invest in new software. So, do check whether the new software suits your company’s budget or not.

Free Trial

A free trial gives you an opportunity to check every pros and cons of any given software. If your desired software gives you 1 month of a free trial then you will be able to check every single detail of your new software. In this way, you will be able to decide very easily whether the software fulfills your needs or not.


Your hospital management software should have all the customizable options built inside it according to your needs. It is a useful feature to have that will enable you to make necessary adjustments to your software in the future.

Easy to Use

Last but not least, your new hospital management software must come with easy options and functionality so that you can use it very easily and comfortably without running into any difficulties whatsoever.

Reliable Customer Support

Make sure that the company from which you are getting your hospital management software provides good and reliable after-sale services to its customers. Software is a programmable object that may encounter any problem at any time.

So, it becomes more important for you to consult with other users who have taken and used the software before and received good after-sale customer service from the desired software provider that you want to buy from.

Benefits You Will Get from Us

As the best hospital management system software provider in Bangladesh, Zoom IT gives multifarious benefits to our most valued clients. Our service is not only the best in business but also we know exactly how to create the best hospital management software in Bangladesh.

The benefits that you will receive from us are as follows:

  1. Cost Effective

    Our hospital management software automates all critical tasks. These tasks were done by the human workforce earlier and took a lot of time to manage everything properly.

    Now, the software can manage all these things all by itself. So you don’t need any additional staff to do those jobs. This saves you a lot of money. Moreover, it saves a lot of time for you as well.

  2. Quality and Compliance

    Every hospital has to send birth and death reports to the NABH ( National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers Authority) monthly. This is a painstaking job to be done manually.

    Our hospital management software automates this tough procedure and delivers the reports on time as well. Moreover, every report is managed and scrutinized with the help of the software. So, you get error-free reposts all the time.

  3. Reduces Scope of Errors

    Earlier, every record and data were kept safe using papers only. It is quite risky as papers have a tendency to get lost. Moreover, it is a quite painstaking job to keep track of every document individually.

    The worst scenario happens when a new doctor or a nurse comes to do their duties but can’t find the necessary documents or previous records to keep everything in order. So, a chaotic situation takes place.

    But with the help of our hospital management software, you can record every event digitally and get them whenever possible. This reduces the scope of making any errors.

  4. Data Security

    Providing top-class data security is one of the most important and finest features of our hospital management software. Managing the security and keeping it safe from unauthorized access is one of the most crucial aspects of running your hospital business and the violation of this aspect may result in closing your business permanently.

    Our software provides full-fledged security from any incident that may result in any sort of data loss, or security breach. This makes our software one of the best in business right now

  5. Processing Speed and Results

    With the help of our hospital management system, you can very quickly and easily process all the data in the quickest possible time frame. You can access the record section and view the present and past medical records of every patient individually.

    Moreover, you can search for and get all the related information about a patient’s complete life history in the blink of an eye. This is how fast our processing speed is.

  6. Interactions with stuff

    To be successful in every business, teamwork is absolutely the most important factor to consider. If you have good interaction and close connection with all your staff then you are bound to achieve success.

    Our hospital management software keeps all the necessary documents and information about all the staff secured and the management authority can access them easily. This makes them interact with the staff well and the relationship between the two improves a lot.

  7. Better Patient Experience

    Making your patients happy should be the most important factor to consider if you are involved with the hospital or lab business. Happy patients indicate your service is quite good and your reputation will spread very quickly.

    Our hospital management software will help you provide better service to all the patients. This will surely make them satisfied with your service and make them really happy. So, your reputation will grow immensely and more people will opt to take medical services from you.

  8. Information About Doctors

    Our hospital management software helps patients to check the list of available doctors and their past treatment records and also their past success stories as well. This will help the patients decide which doctor is the best for treating them and book an appointment accordingly.

Frequently Asked Question

Hospital owners and other enthusiastic people ask these important questions regarding this software very frequently. Some of the frequently asked questions are given for your consideration:


Hospital management is very important for ensuring patient satisfaction. To ensure that patients receive the utmost care and treatment you have to have the best hospital management service.


Hospital management is one of the best career choices among the young generation nowadays. This career path gives them huge employment opportunities. So, if you want to pursue your career in the medical field then choosing hospital management will be a wise option for you.


Hundreds and thousands of hospitals around the world are using online management systems. In Bangladesh, more than a hundred hospitals have chosen online management systems.


The future of hospital management seems very bright. There is a huge population growth which indicates that more and more people will opt to pursue hospital management as their no.1 career option.


In order to establish your career in hospital management, you need to study one of the following principles:

1. Hospital Planning

2. Healthcare Economics

3. Health Management

4. Marketing Management

5. Managerial Communication

6. Principles of Management

7. Fundamentals of Healthcare Administration

8. Organizational Behavior etc.

Apart from these subjects, you need to have a bachelor's degree and a few years of working experience to be eligible for working in the sector of hospital management.


Here at Zoom IT, we have the best hospital management system in Bangladesh. Our Hospital management software contains all the necessary criteria that will surely meet all your needs. Moreover, you will get all of these services at a reasonable price range as well.

So, what are you waiting for? If you want to get the best hospital management software in Bangladesh, we are the best option for you right now. If you want to be successful in your hospital management business contact us now.