What Makes Us Special?

We’ll talk about our other features later in the blog. But first, we’d like you to learn, exactly what makes us distinct from average app developers. Let’s find out:

Apps UI/UX Design

The thing that separates us from the crowd is the stunning app UI/UX design. Through, graphics designs, wireframes, storyboards, and visuals, our seasoned designers can provide you with superior-grade UX design along with a user-friendly interface.

Senior App Developers

We have a team of senior app developers who works round the clock to provide you with exceptional applications. Our senior app developers are highly experienced in Java and Flutter which enables them to create interactive applications for you!

Types of Mobile Applications We Develop

Being an exceptionally experienced app development agency, ZOOM IT is one of the quality mobile application manufacturers.

Fully Customized Business Applications

Do you have a unique business idea? Want to develop a mobile application that’s going to fulfill your business needs? Don’t hesitate to let us know. Being a reliable Android app development agency, we can build you a completely customized mobile application based on your personal preferences.

Travel Application Development

Travel application helps users find the best international or local destinations, and inquire about flights and accommodation. Our team can offer you sophisticated travel applications which will enable the users to attain the desired travel-related information and perform actions such as booking services.

Ride-Sharing Mobile App Development

Being a highly dependable android app development company in Bangladesh, we also offer ride-sharing application development for your organization. If you’re a new start-up, planning to enter this huge market, you can certainly seek our assistance.

Transport App Development

We also develop transport applications. So, if you have a bus or shipping business and you want your users to book your tickets online, don’t hesitate to obtain our services. From online ticketing to transport web design and development, we can customize the website according to your needs.

Food and Parcel Delivery App Development

Food and parcel delivery service businesses are up and running. Our expert team of developers can provide you with a quality food and parcel delivery application that will include the following features: ● Straightforward sign-up system ● Tracking order in real-time ● Consumer rating option ● User-friendly UI etc.

E-Commerce Mobile App Development

E-Commerce mobile application development is what we specialize in. We have developed an E-commerce platform and would be a pleasure for us to work with you on further projects.

Health and Fitness Mobile App Development

Health and fitness is becoming a highly sought-after niche every day. Even in Bangladesh, the craze for a fit body and a healthy mind is taking center stage. That’s why our health and fitness application offers a wide variety of features to make sure your users stay strong and ready to take on any challenges. Some of the features include: ● Goal setting ● Tracking metrics ● Body height/weight ratio measurement ● Training and workout plan ● Diet chart ● Activity tracking ● Social sharing options

Different Mobile Applications Categories We Work On

Before availing of our services, it’s always better to have a broad understanding of the types of applications we can develop. Generally, there are three types of mobile applications, we have our design and development team ready to work on three of them. Go through the types and pick the one that you like your users to experience:
  1. Web-based Apps

    These are applications that run on a website and you can access them through a browser and interact with them via a mouse or keyboard. This type of application is suitable for companies that already have an online presence and want to add more functionality to their site.
    Obtain our web-based app development services if you’re looking to get your app developed by the best app development company.

  2. Native iPhone or Android apps

    These are programs that run on iOS and Android smartphones, tablets, watches, and other mobile devices. These programs are usually downloaded directly from the App Store or Google Play Store rather than using web browsers.
    What is native app development? well, the phrase "native app development" refers to the process of creating a mobile app that is dedicated to a single platform.

  3. Hybrid Mobile Application

    A hybrid mobile application is one that uses both native and web technologies to build its user interface (Ui). It may use some web technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and XML but also includes native components such as Android widgets or iOS controls like UITableView or UICollectionView.

    Gmail for instance, is a famous example of being a hybrid application. It can be used on web browsers like Chrome or Firefox. You can also access it by installing the Gmail app from Play Store or App Store.

    Be it a Native, Web, or Hybrid mobile application, ZOOM IT can develop all three!

Plans and Pricing

If you want how much cost for app development is required checks our plans below:


49,990 Taka / $599 USD

Starts from

  • OS Support: 1
  • Upload to the marketplace: Yes
  • Application Icon: Yes
  • Splash Screen: Yes
  • Ad Network Integration: No
  • Include Source Code: Yes


1,09,990 Taka / $1199 USD

Starts from

  • OS Support: 2
  • Upload to the marketplace: No
  • Application Icon: Yes
  • Splash Screen: Yes
  • Ad Network Integration: No
  • Include Source Code: No


1,90,990 Taka / $1999 USD

Starts from

  • OS Support: 2
  • Upload to the marketplace: Yes
  • Application Icon: Yes
  • Splash Screen: Yes
  • Ad Network Integration: Yes
  • Include Source Code: Yes

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