Website Categories

Though we assume that you know what a website can contain or can be created based on multiple facts and topics, we are still allocated to give you some examples of website categories, and these are the types we specialize in. They represent why zoom is the best web development company in Bangladesh. We tend to carry our legacy, our reputation as the best web developer in Bangladesh far more.

Corporate Website

A corporate website is the face of your brand or company that represents you. It is your face on which your probable customers are going to judge you. It is the banner that says your company matters.

Newspaper Website

A newspaper website is the online version of a newspaper. It can either be the online version of a printed one or a distinctive one.

Ecommerce Website

E-commerce websites are basically online portals that include transactions of goods and services online. It works quite the same as the physical retail industry.

Magazine Website

An online magazine website, which is also known as a webzine, is an online form of physically published magazines. The difference is how it is designed to be published, such as bulletin or basic page type format.

Educational Institute Website

Website for educational institutions includes the facilities and specialties of an institution. A website allows you to present yourself in the way you want it to be.

Portfolio Website

A portfolio website, in its basic form, contains professional information on a company or an individual. It also includes a showcase of their work so that their potential customers can get a clear idea of them.

Sports Website

Sports website can be a bridge between the team and its fanbase. A sports website needs to be updated with the latest bit of news and information. It is highly effective in making an impact on your would-be fans.

Health Website

Health-related websites are mainly decorated with frequently asked questions on different health issues. People also get to share their experiences and ask questions for the authority to publish an effective answer.

Affiliate Blog website

Affiliate blog websites are blog websites that include third-party affiliated links of products or any reference articles. What you need to do is, include the link in your post. It will result in an increase in your audience.

Travel Website

Travel websites are published with the aim of helping the travelers with information on different tourist spots and hacks that can make the tour a more pleasant one. It will also introduce your service and excellence as an agency to the customers.

Restaurant Website

A restaurant website is basically an online published face of a restaurant, including the menu and delivery service of food items. Usually, people are more likely to go to places that have online visibility. So, a website for your restaurant will save you from missing out on a huge audience.

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ZOOM IT - Leading Web Design & Development Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh

From simple web design to complex, eCommerce website development - we do it everything.

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Website Package


19,990 Taka / $180 USD

25,000 Taka / $220 USD

  • Free Domain+Hosting (200MB)
  • Email Address
  • Total Page: 5
  • Design: Basic


39,990 Taka / $380 USD

50,000 Taka / $450 USD

  • Free Domain+Hosting (500MB)
  • Domain Name Email Address
  • Page: upto 6
  • Design: Standard


74,990 Taka / $700 USD

99,990 Taka / $900 USD

  • Free Domain+Hosting (1GB)
  • Domain Name Email Address
  • Total Page: 12
  • Design: Premium


1,49,990 Taka / $1200 USD

2,00,000 Taka / $1900 USD

  • Free Domain+Hosting (Unlimited)
  • Domain Name Email Address
  • Total Page: Unlimited
  • UI/UX By Entry Level Designer


2,99,990 Taka / $2700 USD

4,99,900 Taka / $4500 USD

  • Free Domain+Hosting (Unlimited)
  • Domain Name Email Address
  • Total Page: Unlimited
  • UI/UX By Medium Level Designer




  • Free Domain+Hosting (Unlimited)
  • Domain Name Email Address
  • Total Page: Unlimited
  • UI/UX By Senior Designer

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Why Choose us?

The complete guide line on how to maintain the website.

Opportunity to design and create pages as you wish.

Domain Plus Hosting.

Basic online marketing method.

User Friendly Admin Panel

SEO Friendly Website.

Google Analytics Support.

Opportunity to manage websites as you wish.

Website development by experienced and skilled developers.

Security Guarantee 100%

Uptime guarantee 99.9%ред

Support: 6 days a week, 9am - 6pm

You will also find many more benefits in our Professional Website Development Service. Do not late to contact us . We are the most affordable website development service.

Why ZOOM IT is the best web Development Company in Bangladesh?

You will have hundreds of companies around you. All of them will claim to be the best. But are they? Well, we don't only claim; we prove. Our service speaks for itself and is proof of being the best Bangladeshi website design company out there. Let's see what we will be offering you.

  1. Strategically serve the web Development service

    The best of works is best because of its plan, work strategy. We offer you the best strategy, which is also proven to be successful. Our experts develop the process through their experience of working on hundreds of projects.

  2. A team at our disposal

    We got a team among the best to work for you. The team consists of the best developers, designers, and content writers. You hire us, and they are on the battlefield for you. The in-house team will be ready to fill up your need with the best possible dedication. We are committed to keeping the timeline.

  3. Best quality assurance

    Our team is highly committed to delivering you a product of the best quality. In order to assure the quality, we got our audit department, who is there to check the project after it is finished. Then we send it for client approval. After we get the client's approval, we deliver it to you with a final review to see if you have everything you asked for properly.

  4. Smart and latest design

    Zoom IT provides you with the best possible outcome of your needs in the smartest shape. The designs the website in such a way that is both eye catching and comfortable fir the users.

  5. Maintenance

    We provide you with continuous maintenance according to the agreement. It is to ensure that you get to enjoy our product without any mishap. Among many other, these are some chosen fews that makes us the most suitable for you and the best web development company in Bangladesh.

How To Choose the Best Web Design Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh?

Choosing the right web design company is essential to make sure that you have your hands on a properly functioning website. And there are several steps that you need to follow when picking the best web design company in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Set Your Website Goals & Requirements

The first step towards choosing a web design company is to meet your requirements. Note down the goals and requirements that you want on your website and plan accordingly. Prepare a list of non-negotiable terms and features that will help your business to grow.

Research The Companies

Once the requirement list is prepared, start researching the Local web design companies. You can search the internet for the top companies in the industry or ask for references and recommendations from friends and family. Shortlist some of the top web design companies and research them thoroughly.

Check Out The Company Website

The next step is to check out the website quality of the company. Take a look at the speed and design of the website and take a look at all the information provided. This will give you a proper idea about the functionality of the business.

Pay Attention To The Portfolios

Well-established web design companies will have a portfolio section dedicated to the websites they have designed. Check the portfolios thoroughly to see the quality of work. Match the functionality and features of the websites with your requirements. This will help you to make sure that the web design company will be able to integrate those features.

Discuss Budget & Time

Once you are satisfied with your search, contact the company and discuss the packages. Let the business know about your total budget for the website and the estimated time within which you need the website properly designed. Make sure to find the right package that suits your requirements, time, and budget.

However, you do not need to look any further to find the perfect web design company. Zoom IT is known to be the best web design company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We will build you an easy-to-use and reliable website for your business at an affordable price.

Why design your website with Zoom IT?

Zoom IT is a trusted name for companies and businesses all over the country. Our attractive business features and transparent policy has made us a top choice among the leading businesses in Bangladesh. Take a look at why you should work with us.

  1. Competitive Pricing

    Designing a fully functioning and top-quality website is often held hostage to the almighty dollar. And this high price of getting a website designed causes several businesses to function without a properly updated system. However, Zoom IT offers web design at a highly affordable price. We offer a range of packages to the customers to help them choose one that suits their requirements and budget.

  2. UX and UI Based Design

    An eye-catching and user-friendly UI UX design is a must to ensure proper customer satisfaction and browsing experience. We have seen our fair share of failed businesses only because they do not have a convenient or accessible website design. Our UX and UI based website designs will offer users a smooth and convenient browsing experience.

    For UX designs, our expert team relies on technology such as React, Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML 5, and many more. And for UI designs, we rely on Adobe and Figma.

  3. Dedicated Customer Support

    One of the most important features of a web design company is customer support. Website crashes or issues can pop up at any time. And having proper customer support is required to fix the issue before you start losing business.

    With Zoom IT, you do not have to worry about website issues and problems. Our customer support team is always present to help you in times of need. All of our customer service agents are fully equipped and highly skilled in resolving website issues.

  4. Experienced Web Design Team

    Web designing requires a lot more than tools and applications. The experience and skills of the web design team matter the most when it comes to building a beautiful and easy-to-use website. We have a highly skilled and experienced web design team to help you build the perfect website.

  5. Payment Flexibility

    Web designs cost a significant amount of money, and we all are aware of that. Many businesses suffer from the lack of a website due to the high cost. We understand this, and that is why we offer payment flexibility to our customers. The payment flexibility saves customers from a big upfront cost and helps them to maintain a proper budget.

  6. Free One Year Small Updating

    Free services are a myth in today’s expensive world. And in this expensive world, Zoom IT will offer you a free one-year small updating. We will deal with minor updates and upgrades of the website without charging you any money. And trust us, there are no hidden charges as well.

  7. Free Domain Hosting for the 1st Year

    With Zoom IT, you will receive domain hosting for a year without having to pay any charge. This means that you can use a domain name for your website for 1 year for free. After a year, you will have to pay a charge to renew the website if you wish to continue further.

  8. Free Website Transfer

    Zoom IT will offer you free website transfer on all your websites. You can easily transfer your website from one hosting to another without paying any money. And this transfer will include all the information, files, and sheets, so there is no hidden cost.

  9. Money Back Guarantee

    Zoom IT offers you features and advantages that no other web design company will provide. And our money-back guarantee is proof of that. Our team will refund you the money for the website if it does not match the agreed-upon terms and conditions. This means that you do not have to waste a single penny if the website fails to meet the deadline or requirements.

  10. Deliver Project on Time

    We will deliver the complete project within the agreed time. We take pride in the fact that we successfully meet all of our deadlines. You do not have to wait for any additional date outside the estimated time.

  11. Responsive and Dynamic Websites

    Websites have to be fast and responsive. Waiting several minutes for the website to load causes businesses to lose customers, and we do not want that for you. All of our designed websites are super responsive and load within seconds. And our designed websites will give you the ultimate browsing experience.

  12. Free Small Training

    Maintaining a website is important to ensure proper growth and traffic to the website. And Zoom IT will help you to learn the proper way of website maintenance. Our highly qualified and skilled team will provide you with a free training session for your website.

  13. SEO Friendly Websites

    Ranking your website on the first page of Google is essential for both business and website growth. The skilled and experienced team at Zoom IT will optimize your website according to search engine regulations. This will help your website to attract more traffic, attracting business.

  14. Website Content Writing

    Ensuring proper information about your business and services on the website is important. This gives customers and visitors a clear idea about what to expect and get from you. We will help you with website content writing at a reasonable price that will improve the growth of your business.

  15. Understanding the Business Needs

    We pay attention to your requirements and business needs. Our team will keep all of your business goals and expectations in mind and design a website accordingly. It is our duty to provide you with a website that is beneficial to you and your business.

What Platform/Technology Do You Build Your Websites On?

Here, at Zoom IT, we build websites on multiple technologies. In Basic and Standard website packages, we use WordPress. For websites under our Advanced or Corporate packages, we rely on PHP or WordPress to build the website. However, we use PHP, WordPress, or Laravel for building our Premium websites.

How Long Will It Take To Get A New Website?

The time required to get a new website depends on the requirements of the business and the package. Depending on the package you choose, the development time of the website can vary from 5 days to 90 days.

How Much Does A New Website Cost?

The pricing of building a new website depends on a wide range of factors. And in Zoom IT, the pricing depends on the packages and the features of the website. It can range from 14,990 Taka/$199 USD to 99,990 Taka/$1099 USD or more.

Why Do I Need A Well Designed Website?

A well-designed website is highly important for online businesses. It helps the business to grow by significantly improving the chances of converting leads. Not only that, but a well-designed website will load at a faster speed and ensure a user-friendly browsing experience.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is a unique approach to web development. In this approach, the website shifts dynamics in order to adjust the screen size and style of the design. This ensures a better browsing experience and makes it easier for the audience to access the website.

How Else Can You Help Me Grow My Website?

Other than designing your website, we ensure a fitting work strategy to make your website successful. We integrate the website with the latest design and technology to make it user-friendly and attractive for customers. Our team can also help your website to grow by ensuring proper maintenance and providing website content writing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some of the most frequently asked questions clients ask

Answer: The number of days required to design a website depends on the selected package and the requirements of the website. However, the timeline of packages offered by our website design company typically ranges from 5 to 90 days.
Answer: Zoom IT is a web design company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We provide regular website maintenance to prevent issues according to the agreement with the client.
Answer: Here, at Zoom IT, we offer services to both Bangladeshi and global clients. Our website design services are available for clients all around the globe, and we offer the utmost integrity and features in our services.
Answer: Website redesigning is a service that several businesses require over time. We provide several website design packages to customers and make changes according to their requirements.
Answer: Our services include an amazing and highly responsive support team. The customer service team provides website support and makes sure that your issue is resolved in no time.
Answer: Zoom IT offers website design for small businesses along with large industries. For the first year, we offer website small updating without any cost. The cost of website small updating after the first year is highly reasonable.
Answer: Our website design teams ensure responsive website designs for all of our clients. This means that websites designed by us work diligently on all devices and screen sizes.
Answer: SEO-friendly websites are essential to growing your business. At Zoom IT, we have SEO service providers working closely with our website designers to make sure that your websites are SEO-friendly.
Answer: Yes, we have social media integrations with web pages. It is highly important in today’s date for a business to be active on social media platforms and websites.
Answer: We offer multiple website design packages to our customers. The pricing varies depending on the requirements, time, and goals of the business. However, we offer the most affordable web design packages in the country.
Answer: Uniqueness is very important to our clients and us. As a web development company, listen to the requirements and design a unique website based on the ideas and strategy of the business.
Answer: All of our website costs are highly affordable. We offer free small updating and domain hosting for the first year. However, after the first year, we have a yearly service charge for renewing domain hosting and small website updating.
Answer: Yes, Zoom IT has WordPress CMS for easy building, editing, and management of websites. We offer WordPress website design to our customers under certain packages.
Answer: Every content management system has its own pros and cons. There are a few website security issues in WordPress. But the Zoom IT team is highly qualified when it comes to dealing with such issues.
Answer: As a leading web development company, we abide by the rules and regulations connected with website development. Legal documents, such as privacy policy, terms and conditions, etc., are required to develop a website.
Answer: Yes, we offer web content writing to help your website grow at a faster rate. We are the best content writing agency in town and offer outstanding quality content for your website.
Answer: Zoom IT is undoubtedly the best web design company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We have worked with several small and large businesses throughout the globe and ensured 100% customer satisfaction.
Answer: The portfolio section on your website shows some of the top websites we have built. You can see the portfolio and choose a style that suits your business and goal perfectly.
Answer: Visiting our office to buy service is not necessary. You can email or call us at the contact information provided on the website. Our team will contact you and plan a strategy accordingly.
Answer: The purpose of our web development company is to ensure 100% satisfaction of our clients. Our web development team will make revisions until we meet your vision with your website.
Answer: Yes, we design only websites if you provide us with domain hosting. However, as a website design company, we offer free domain hosting with the website for the first year.
Answer: Yes, we are a Laravel web developer company. Some of our packages include website designs based on Laravel, depending on the needs of the client.
Answer: If your website gets hacked, you will be at risk of losing all your information and endangering the security of your users. Zoom IT offers outstanding website security which reduces the risk of hacks and malicious attacks.
Answer: Our websites are designed uniquely to ensure a fast loading time. We ensure website speed optimization to make sure that visitors do not have to wait for the website to load.
Answer: The number of pages we design for a website depends on the package you choose. However, depending on the package, the number of pages ranges from 5 to unlimited.
Answer: Our website design team has the experience and resources to cover all web design areas. The web design services cover areas ranging from corporate to travel, restaurants, hospital, and many more.
Answer: Yes, we provide E-commerce web designs to clients. Along with several web design areas, we have the expertise as an E-commerce website design company as well.
Answer: Zoom IT offers graphic design services for websites. This helps to make your websites more alluring and attractive to visitors, improving business and traffic.
Answer: Zoom IT has a highly skilled and experienced web developer team to develop the perfect website for you. As a web development company, we have hired the best designers and developers out there.
Answer: Finding a dynamic website design company can be difficult due to its complexity. But in Zoom IT, we design both static and dynamic websites based on the needs and goals of the clients.
Answer: Yes, we offer a small web training for customers. This training helps the clients to maintain their websites properly and easily.
Answer: Yes, we have graphic designers on your team. We offer graphic design services to customers and ensure high-quality designs and services.
Answer: Zoom IT has been serving customers all around the globe for over 6 years now. We have worked with several formats and requirements, ensuring customer satisfaction at every step.
Answer: Yes, we work on developing a wide range of websites, including newspaper websites. As a newspaper website development company, we ensure easy navigation and access to the users.
Answer: Yes, customers can update web content on the websites by themselves. However, for the best results, rely on the web content services offered by us.
Answer: Yes, Zoom IT has a money back policy. Clients receive a refund from the company if we fail to meet the requirements and conditions properly.
Answer: Zoom IT has a physical office located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The address is Suit 347, Concept Tower, 68-69, Green Rd, Dhaka-1209.We also operate virtually with local and global clients.
Answer: Zoom IT offers discounts and exciting benefits to its clients. Keep an eye on our website to learn about all the attractive discounts we provide.
Answer: Yes, the website of Zoom IT is SEO-Friendly. We design and provide SEO-friendly websites to clients, and our own website is optimized as well.
Answer: Yes, all of our websites are designed following Google guidelines. We are a successful website development company that ensures top-quality websites.
Answer: No, we do not have any offices outside Dhaka. We only have one office located in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
Answer: We offer multiple website design packages to our customers. The pricing varies depending on the requirements, time, and goals of the business. However, we offer the most affordable web design packages in the country.
Answer: A website design company builds and designs websites for various businesses, magazines, newspapers, and so on. The purpose is to help online businesses grow efficiently and easily.
Answer: In Bangladesh, you will find hundreds of IT companies. However, Zoom IT is the best one you will find in terms of quality, integrity, and customer satisfaction.


Having a user-friendly and properly designed website is a must for each and every business. Even though website design services are expensive in Bangladesh, a proper website helps to grow business easily. Zoom IT is the best web development company in Bangladesh.

With a wide range of packages and services, we have grown to be a favorite web service provider in Dhaka. So, if you are looking for the best service for your website, Zoom IT is the most sensible choice. From web designs to web content, we cover it all. And the best part is that all of our services are highly affordable.

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