What is CRM Management Software?

CRM Management Software is a new customized version of MIS - Management Information Software. This software is dedicated to collecting customer data and sorting by categories like name, email, phone number, interest, and others.

The basic function of CRM is to store and manage all the data from leads to business partners.

Now you might think it sounds like a spreadsheet! Yes, at a point it’s similar but CRM software is an updated version with automation and the capability to track dynamic and complex data like when the customers visited the website, which emails they checked, what they purchased, or even what the customer queried for in your website, etc. So CRM is a fully dedicated software to track your potential leads and customers.

Types of CRM Management Software

There are 3 main types of CRM software, (i) Collaborative, (ii) Analytical, and (iii) Operational. Now we will go deeper into the specifications of each three types.


In bigger organizations, marketing teams, customer support, and sales representatives all are separate departments. Collaborative CRM ensures that all teams have access to the same up-to-date data, no matter which department they belong to.


CRMs are designed to help you observe the customer's insights. An analytical CRM provides you with the facility to use the data to see trends in how your customers behave.


Operational CRMs provide features to visualize the full journey of a customer or client. The full user timeline in your website is noted in this software; from the first interaction with the company’s website to becoming a customer or until leaving the site all the data are recorded. It helps you to provide a smooth journey to your customers and potential leads.

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Benefits of CRM Management Software

There are many pros to using CRM Software for a better business service. Some of them are enlisted below,

Better Customer Service

Modern CRM software has many features, but the software was created to develop a business customer relationships cycle, and that’s still its main function. A CRM manages all of your contacts and collects potential customer information – like demographics, purchase records, and previous texts across the entire customer journey and makes it easy to access for anyone in your company who needs it

Increase Sales Amount

CRM software can help you streamline your sales system, build a sales demographic, automate key tasks and analyze all of your sales data in one centralized document, so as a result, it increases sales and productivity.

Improve the Visitor Journey

The CRM software will provide you with sentiment analysis data, automated ticketing, customer service, support automation, and user behavior tracking to let you determine problems and quickly develop them for your customers.

Analytics of Customer Behavior

CRM software has the analytic ability to contextualize data, break it down into actionable terms and easily understand insights.

For example; click-through rates, bounce rates, and demographic information.

Higher Efficiency

CRM software has built-in automation that can boost small drip tasks, as a result, your employees can utilize the time in other work that is only possible by humans. It checks and makes sure that no task has been left over.

Organized Database of Information

CRM software collects all the potential data and stores them in a centralized system so that you can get any data easily, they don’t look like mass or random information.

Communication with Potential Leads

CRM shows you the customer’s journey holistically. It tracks potential leads and sends alerts to your employees to respond to every phone call, mail or text.

Automated System

CRM software's dashboard and reporting features allow you to automatically collect data about your customers and potential leads. Which gives you the facility to automatically collect the data and manage the whole process.

More Accurate Forecasting

The automated sales report in CRM helps you to your past campaign reports and know what is on trend and what can you expect from your sales performance. So it helps you to set your next goals and promotional strategy.

Betterment of Internal Communication

CRM software helps your employees to know how the other employees treat potential customers and how they handle them. It helps your employees to use the same brand voice and tone to attain a customer.

Features of CRM Management Software in Bangladesh

Now the question comes, what are the key features of CRM Management Software in Bangladesh? CRM software is designed with a lot of functions that will help a business to manage and boost up their customer relationship on another side scale the business revenue with more effective marketing strategies.

  1. Contact Management

    Customers are assets to a business so keeping track of their information is very important but on another side it’s hard! The contact management feature in the CRM software helps a business keep the information, contact details, and service conversations, all in one place.

    It helps businesses to easily access and update the best time to reach a potential lead or customer, the cause behind contacting him, and other potential information.

  2. Automatic Support System

    CRM software can automate repetitive work within the sales process. It can be used for predefined workflows that trigger actions and alerts you for upcoming meetings/occasions.

  3. E-mail Tracking

    CRM Software can keep your emails organized and take full control of them. It also can automate sending emails according to the calendar schedule.

  4. Campaign Management

    You can have a 360-degree view of your campaigns with a CRM. It will help you observe the process a to z from planning, tracking, and analyzing the marketing operation.

  5. User Journey Report

    A CRM typically records all the activities of a customer on your website. From the customer’s getting into the website to his signing out all the pages he visits, finds, goes to order (even if not finally checked out), and every single movement. This report helps you to know the customer's journey details and also his interests.

  6. Leads Management

    Getting leads is difficult, but tracking and managing them to deal with closure. The CRM system makes this process much smoother. It enables you to observe lead pipeline activities, from lead generation through sales conversion rates.

  7. Sales Data & Analytics

    CRM software is an automated solution to record all your sales data with detailed analytics of sales reports and conversation rates.

  8. Sales Forecasting

    Sales Forecasting is the process of targeting a number for sale. CRM helps you to know the latest trends, automate key tasks and make a sales demographic as an outcome you might have an accurate forecast of your sales.

  9. Opportunity Management

    Data collection and reports that CRM software provides you with the potential customer’s scope of interests and what they are looking for. This information can help you to utilize and deal with new opportunities.

  10. Reports & Dashboards

    The main utilization of CRM software is the reports and dashboards information that it provides after analyzing the user journey on your website. These reports are the most valuable data for a business to scale its further business segments.

Things to Consider for Getting the Best CRM Management Software from Bangladesh

If you are going to use CRM, customer relationship management software in Bangladesh, which I think you should, then you must consider some key points first before making any progress toward purchasing one for your business. The key points that you must take into consideration are listed below:


Whenever you want to buy something, pricing is the most important thing that you must consider first. So, if you are going to buy CRM software for your business then consider its pricing first and make sure its services are worth it and suits your budget well.


Versatility is another important factor that you must take into consideration. Make sure that the software you selected to purchase can perform all the difficult tasks at once and can satisfy all your needs. Moreover, it must have the capability to evolve and grow with your business and make your everyday task both smoother and easier.


Flexibility is another important aspect of your software that you must ensure before buying. Your CRM or Customer Relationship Management software must be flexible enough to adapt or cope with the new changes and evolve accordingly with time.


Considering your company's budget is another very important factor that you should take into consideration. Sometimes companies have limited budgets and can’t make an effort to invest in new software. So, do check whether the new software suits your company’s budget or not.

Free Trial

A free trial allows you to check every pros and cons of any software. If your desired software gives you 1 week or month of a free trial then you will be able to check everything in detail about your new software. In this way, you will be able to decide whether the software suits your business needs or not.


Your CRM software should have all the customizable options built inside it according to your business needs. It is a useful feature to have that will enable you to make necessary setting changes to your software anytime if needed.

Reliable Customer Support

Make sure that the company from which you are getting your CRM software provides good and reliable after-sale services to its clients. Software is a programmable object that may come out with any problem at any moment.

So, it becomes more important for you to consult with other users who have taken and used the software before and received good after-sale customer service from the selected software provider that you want to buy from.

Easy to Use

Last but not least, your new CRM software must come with easy options and functionality so that you can use it very smoothly and comfortably without running into any difficulties whatsoever.

CRM Management Software Price in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, the usual cost of CRM software ranges from 10000-25000 taka. But here at Zoom IT, you will get it at a very reasonable price range which is sure to match your budget.

CRM Management Software Module

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software plays a critical role in a company’s business growth. Each business needs to have the best CRM software in their organization to have the proper facilities for it. Here we will know about six modules of CRM Management Software so we can identify the best CRM for our company. Those are as followed,

Module 1: Leads

The lead module is designed to store all the data of customers organized. Whenever you get data from a customer this software keeps them stored in one place. Also, there are features for managing leads, activities, tasks, and so on.

Module 2: Marketing

The marketing module presents your email campaign summary and many more! It displays the name of the campaigns and the moment status of the campaign. It also shows the number of click-through rates and email campaign results that helps all ways to make a fruitful email marketing campaign.

Module 3: Workflows

The Workflow module can automate your sales process. For example, if a lead doesn't pick up your call it can schedule the call for later, if the lead picks up the call and shows interest then it can schedule emails to him and a lot of automated promotional functions.

In addition, the workflow module assists you with enlisting all the workflows in a centralized system and also helps you to analyze the count of triggers-conversions, etc.

Module 4: Apps Marketplace

The Apps Marketplace module of CRM provides features of various apps with which the CRM software can integrate by connectors. For example, Facebook Ads connector, marketplace connector, and others.

This Module of CRM allows you to transfer data (leads from other applications) to CRM, allowing you to store every lead in one place. On the other hand, it assists you to manage the data skillfully, based on the source from which you have got them.

Module 5: Reports

The CRM software Reports module gathers reports of different categories and stores them in one place. Such as administrative reports, reports of the sales field, customer analytics reports, and other essential reports as well.

Based on your usage pattern, this CRM module collects frequently used reports in one place and lets you get into reports easily. Also, the module allows users to create customized reports in no time and analyze reports as needed.

Module 6: Content Repository

This module of CRM software is functional to gather all the creative assets such as images and documents. It makes it smooth for you and your team to access your creative documents, whenever you want it. This module saves time to search documents and store them in different files.

Why Choose Zoomit CRM Software in Bangladesh?

As the best customer relationship management software provider in Bangladesh, Zoom IT offers multifarious benefits to our most valued clients.

Our service is not only the best in business but also we know exactly how to make the best customer relationship management software in Bangladesh.

The benefits and facilities that you will receive from us are as follows:

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Cost Effective

Our CRM management software automates all critical tasks. These tasks were done by the human workforce earlier and took a lot of time to manage everything accurately.

Now, CRM software can manage all those tasks by itself. So you don’t need to hire any additional person to do those jobs. This benefits you both economically and on the other hand, it saves you valuable time.


As CRM software has a lot of things to analyze, the quality of analysis has to be proper otherwise the motive behind having CRM software won’t accomplish. We provide you with the best program and test the application a couple of times to confirm its ultimate high-quality analyzing system before delivering it to you.

Reduces Scope of Errors

Earlier, every record and data were kept safe using papers only. It is quite risky as papers have a tendency to get lost or it can damage easily. Moreover, it is also a hard job to keep track of every document individually and remember them at sudden needs.

But with the help of our CRM software, you can record every important data digitally and get them whenever possible. This reduces the scope of making any hazard.

Processing Speed and Results

With the help of our customer relationship management system, you can very quickly and easily process all the data in the quickest possible time limit. You can access the record section and view the records of potential leads at any time.

Moreover, you can search for and get all the related information about a lead’s complete journey history in seconds. This is how fast our processing speed is.

Interactions with staff

To be successful in every business, teamwork is one of the most important factors to consider. If you have good interaction and close connections among all your staff then you can succeed more.

Our customer relationship management software keeps all the necessary documents and information about all the potential data and the staff authority can access them easily.

This makes them interact with each other and the relationship between them improves a lot.

Better Customer Experience

Making your customer satisfied should be the most important factor to consider if you want to succeed in business. Happy customers indicate your service is quite good and your reputation will spread higher quickly.

Our CRM software will help you provide better service to all the customers/clients. This will surely make them satisfied with your service and make them pleased.

So, your reputation will grow immensely and more people will prefer to take your service.

Data Security

Providing top-class data security is one of the most important and finest features of our customer relationship management software.

Managing the security and keeping it safe from unauthorized access is one of the most crucial aspects of running your business and the violation of this aspect may result in closing your business permanently.

Our software provides full-fledged security from any incident that may result in any sort of data loss, or security break. This makes our software one of the best in the industry right now.

Frequently Asked Question


Managing customer relationships is important for every business that might be a small shop to a large company. It is a must to maintain existing customers and grab new customers in small businesses for their existence and their growth. CRM helps businesses know about their customers, including potential customers as well as trends in customers' purchasing histories


Zoho is an example of CRM - Customer Relationship Management software.


There are mainly three types of CRM software those are;

(i) Collaborative,

(ii) Analytical, and

(iii) Operational


Because CRM automates tasks and sets reminders so definitely it can save you valuable time.


CRM software offers automation for several marketing processes. As such, you can find sales automation features on CRM software.

CRM software gives analytical data about customers and potential leads, segmenting and marketing to those potential customers based on specific behaviors and interests that are more likely to generate sales higher.


The automated data collection and analysis system of CRM Software helps our team to understand how to individually serve each customer.

Insight reports about customers and potential leads provided by CRM Software help you to plan and design more effective marketing campaigns.


CRM is useful to form better relationships with customers/clients, develop customer service, facilitate a faster response, and personalize customer communications, improving the customer journey across the business.


To pick the right CRM software you need to check these things.

1. Features

2. Customer Reviews

3. Evaluate your needs

4. Network and discuss with experienced CRM users

5. Try to get a free trial


CRM can sort, analyze, and prioritize a company's sales leads so that the company’s sales team can focus on the opportunities that are likely to close and provide accurate answers to customers quickly and efficiently. Also, it collects potential customers' data and leads that are useful for further business marketing.


Zoom IT provides you with the best CRM software.


Yes, excel or spreadsheet is a CRM tool but it can work with only a limited amount of data for large organizations and big businesses this is not that useful.


There are six CRM module systems:

CRM Module 1: Leads Customers

CRM Module 2: Marketing

CRM Module 3: Workflows

CRM Module 4: Apps Marketplace

CRM Module 5: Reports

CRM Module 6: Content Repository


Here at Zoom IT, we have the best customer relationship management system in Bangladesh. Our CRM software contains all the necessary criteria that will surely satisfy all your needs. Moreover, you will get all of these services at a budget-friendly range as well.

So, what else do you need? If you want to get the best CRM-Customer Relationship Management software in Bangladesh, we are the first choice for you right now. If you want to become more successful in your business contact us now.