What Is Education Management Software?

Education management software is a tool that collects, Processes, maintains, and displays all the useful data regarding any educational institution. It is a really useful tool for the students, parents, teachers, and for the managing committee of any educational institution.

With the help of this single software, anyone can know about the past history, records, and other useful information about any educational institution. For example, parents will be able to check the authentic history and past success records of their child’s educational institution.

Students will be able to attend live classes and they can also communicate with their favorite teachers and solve their problems. Moreover, they will be able to pay their monthly fees as well. The governing body of the educational institution will be able to check all the necessary information about all the employees working under that very institution.

They can also track the attendance record of all the employees and pay their salaries as well with the help of this amazing tool.

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What Are Education Management Modules?

Modules make any educational management great. In Bangladesh, educational management has many essential and key modules to help students gain the best education possible. The list of some of the best modules is given below:

Online Zoom Classes

Educational management software in BD enables our students to attend interactive and informative online zoom classes which help them immensely in their education. Moreover, students can learn from the best teacher in town.

Android and iOS support

Educational management software in Bangladesh has both android and ios support features. It means users of android and apple can very easily use the application without facing any hassle.

Supports Every Device

One of the best features of educational management software in Bangladesh is that you can use the application using every device that is in your possession. So, you don’t have to run into difficulties while choosing a particular device for this purpose.

Annual Education Plan

Educational management software in Bangladesh comes with an annual education plan as well. This useful feature helps students to plan their courses beforehand and gain a clear idea of what they are going to learn.

Monitor Arrival and Exit Digitally

With the help of this amazing tool, teachers can track and record the arrival and exit of each and every student digitally. Similarly, institution management can monitor the same for the teachers and staff as well.

Manage Hostel Records

Every single detail regarding the institution’s hostel can be managed with the help of this great tool. The details include the name of the hostel, description of the rooms, student names and IDs, hostel rent and fees, the arrival and exit of the students and other hostel staff, student and guardian info, etc.

Library Management

Educational management software in Bangladesh gives library management opportunities as well. You can control and monitor every single aspect of the library. Information like the list of the books, rack number, student membership, library cards, barcode printing, book borrowing process, return, and much more.

Event Management

With the help of this amazing tool, managing your events has become really easy and inexpensive. You can plan and arrange any annual sporting events and quiz shows with just a click.

Promotion and Migration

At the end of the year, you can give promotion to the students to a new class and also migrate them to a new place with the help of this education management tool in Bangladesh.

Reports and Certificates

Finally, you can publish annual report cards of the students and give them printable certificates with the help of this amazing tool.

Types of Education Management Software

At present, there are many education management software out there in Bangladesh to serve your educational purposes. The implementation of this software in the classroom will help immensely the teachers and students alike. The list is given below:

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Authoring System Software

If you are a teacher yourself then this tool will help you create your very own structural software. With this tool, teachers can make electronic flashcards for teaching. Moreover, multimedia content like lessons, reviews, and videos can also be created with this tool.

Graphic Software

This is a helpful tool for students who want to play with images. With the help of this tool, students can capture, create, or change images that are available on the internet and use them for making online presentations.

Reference Software

It is a useful tool used for the purpose of researching different projects. With this tool, students can access thesaurus, encyclopedias, atlases, and dictionaries for their personal use.

Desktop Publishing

It is a very useful tool for teachers who want to inform students and parents about activities and events that are taking place in their educational institutions. This software is used for designing newsletters, flyers, and handouts.

Tutorial Software

With the help of this software, teachers can teach new lessons to students who like to learn new things on a different platform other than their classrooms. In this way, they can learn new things at their own pace and practice those lessons whenever they see fit.

Educational Games

There are a lot of educational gaming software out there on the web. Software developers merge games into their software to teach little children and motivate them. This is a great way to make children learn in a fun way.


Great software for teachers who like to teach their students virtually. For example, students can learn to fly a plane virtually online.

Drill and Practice Software

It is a great tool for making students practice each and every lesson rigorously. Teachers use this tool to prepare their students for exams and tools.

Utility Software

Teachers will find this software helpful for making tests, and quizzes, and also for creating grading books.

Special needs Software

Apart from this regular software, there is some special software for gifted children. So, students requiring special needs will find this helps a lot.

Features of Education Management System Software

Education management software has many useful features which make the education management system much easier. The salient features of this software are discussed below :

  1. Benefits to Management

    The number of benefits that an education management system software provides to the management is huge. With the help of one single software, the management of any institution can perform many activities with ease.

  2. Benefits to Teachers and Staff

    The software provides benefits not only to the management alone but also to the teachers and the staff also reap many benefits from this amazing tool. It makes their everyday teaching and other important jobs a lot easier and time-saving.

  3. Benefits to Students and Parents

    Education management system software provides benefits not to the institution management and to the teachers alone, but it is quite useful and helpful to the students and to their parents as well. It is one software to provide benefits to all.

  4. Key Features for Management

    Education management system software provides many key features to any institution's management. These features include:

    1. Teacher and staff information

    2. Admission management

    3. Document management

    4. Circular management

    5. Fee management

    6. Library management

    7. Visitor management

    8. Expense management

    9. Transport management

    10. Yearly calendar planner

  5. Key Features for Teachers and Staff

    Education management system software provides many key features not just to the management but also to the teachers and staff as well. These features include:

    1. Timetable management

    2. Student record management

    3. Examination records

    4. Attendance management

    5. Online assignments and assessments

    6. Teacher and staff information facility

    7. Parent communication

    8. Class routine management

    9. Event management

    10. Academic management

  6. Key Features for Students and Parents

    Education management system software provides many key features to students and parents alike. These features include:

    1. Dashboard facilities

    2. eLearning facilities

    3. Online examination

    4. Homework and assignment facilities

    5. Bus tracking

    6. Payment Management

    7. Student app facility

    8. Parents app facility

    9. Leave management

    10. SMS alert

Best School Management System In Bangladesh: Features with Android & iOS Apps

Fortunately, the best education management system software is now available in Bangladesh. What’s more, it comes with android and ios app features.. Thus education management in Bangladesh has become much easier than ever. Moreover, it provides many useful and insightful features for management, teachers and staff, and students and parents alike. Some of the key features are described below :

Inquiry & Admissions

With the help of this useful feature, both the students and their parents can inquire about their desired institution and gather valuable knowledge. This will help them decide which institution is best and serves their purposes well.

Moreover, students can get all the admission-related info through this one software system. They can very easily fill out the admission forms and get themselves admitted without any hassle.

Student Management

Institution management and teachers can view and access students’ particulars very easily. They can also check out a student's grades, schedules, addresses, parents' info, disciplinary records, and much more.

Moreover, teachers will be able to sort out weak students in comparison to the good ones and take extra care of those weak links. In this way, weak students get an opportunity to improve their grades as well.

Attendance Management

Taking students’ attendance is a time-consuming job and is done on a regular basis every day. There are many institutions out there that take the student’s attendance each and every period.

But with the help of this amazing software system, teachers can manage the student's attendance with ease. Moreover, it is not time-consuming as well and can be done digitally and effortlessly. So, teachers can focus on their teaching more.

Fees & Finance Management

Collecting fees from the students and paying the salaries to the teachers and staff is one of the most important jobs in any educational institution in Bangladesh. It requires great effort and rigorous mental strength to conduct and calculate every financial transaction carefully.

By using this amazing tool, you can collect fees from the students without any hassle. Moreover, you can pay your teachers and staff timely. So, it needs no saying that this tool is a must for your institution.

Learning Management

In Bangladesh, Learning has become better and student-friendly with the help of this great tool. Students now can have a clear idea about their course plan and curriculum. They can very easily access and download study materials which helps them a lot to understand what they are going to learn throughout the whole year.

Moreover, students can get in touch with their favorite teachers more easily than before. This helps them solve any problem that they face during their study hours. So, the relationship between the teachers and the students gets improved as well.

Academic Management

Students can check out the dates of their incoming tests and exams very easily. This will help them take preparations accordingly and do well in their exams. Moreover, they can submit their assignments and view their exam scores and results online.

Parents can check out their children’s overall progress and get notified if their child does badly in their exams. In this way, they can have a clear idea about their child’s overall ability and they can take preparation accordingly.

Resource Management

With the help of this great tool, resource management has become much easier than ever. Both teachers, students, and parents can access the institution’s gallery and check out the photos and videos from different annual sporting events and cultural programs as well.

Moreover, students can publish their own blogs and read other students’ blogs as well. They can also read e-books directly from the institution’s website.


The communication process has been made easier with the help of this amazing tool. Now, parents don’t have to make regular visits to their child’s educational institutions. Instead, they can contact the class teachers online and can get all the insights about their child’s progress.

Similarly, teachers can also very easily communicate with the parents and discuss various important matters regarding their child’s overall education. Students can also make quick contact with their favorite teachers and solve their problems.

Certificate & Report Card

Parents and students can very easily view and download their printable certificates and report cards. So, they don’t have to pay a visit to the institution’s office and wait for hours to get this job done.

HR & Staff Management

With the help of this great tool, human resources and staff management has become much easier than ever. Management can very easily track staff’s overall progress and monitor their behavior and view their conduct results as well. In this way, they can decide who to keep and give promotions to.

Reports & Analysis

Management can view the monthly reports of both students and teachers and decide how well or badly they are performing. This will help them to determine how well the institution is doing.


This tool provides useful add-ons as well which makes it easier to use the tool in a fun way for everyone. Moreover, the add-ons provided by the software have amazing features which make it such an effective tool to possess in 2022.

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Frequently Asked Question

Users living in Bangladesh ask these questions frequently. Here are some of the frequently asked questions given for your consideration:


There is much educational software out there. Almost all of them are better than each other in one way or the other. So, it is quite difficult to select one as the very best.

Google Classroom, Canvas, Blackboard Learn, Schoology, and Wisenet are some of the best and top-performing educational software right now.


An educational software program is a tool that is exclusively designed to make your education and learning process digitalized and easier than ever. With the help of this tool, you can make the learning process fun and full of surprises.


Not just one but many software is used in teaching. The list is given below:

1. Learning management system (LMS)

2. Online teaching platforms

3. Video conferencing tools

4. Classroom management software

5. Information collection tools etc.


There are many advantages to using educational software. Some of the advantages are given below:

1. Organizing contents easily

2.Tracking student’s progress and behavior

3. Educational cost reduction

4. Reduced teacher workload

5. Enhanced student performance etc.


The five examples of instructional software are:

1. Drill and practice

2. Tutorial

3. Simulation

4. Instructional games

5. Problem-solving


The main characteristics of educational software are listed below:

1. User-friendly interface

2. Personalization

3. Easy and meaningful graphics

4. Simple and easy UI

5. Affordable pricing

6. Easy exits

7. Speedy

8. Informative

9. Instructive etc.


The term educational software means any computer-based software which is used for educational purposes. There is software for each and every class.

There is educational software designed only for the students of class 5. Through the help of this software students of class 5 can learn their lessons in a digitalized and fun way.

Answer: Reason No.1

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User-Friendly Interface

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Easy and Meaningful Graphics

Our educational software has very easy and meaningful graphics which will surely help you achieve your purpose perfectly.


Our educational software is quite informative and full of instructions which will surely help the students gain the best possible education.

Affordable pricing

Finally, our educational software is really affordable to use and anyone can purchase it for their educational needs.


Education management software is now a necessity for each and every educational institute in Bangladesh. To keep pace with the modern digitalized era, we all have to adapt to the digital version of learning. So, using an educational management software system is a must for your educational needs.

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