Types Of ERP Software

Many don’t have a firm understanding of what are the ERP software types. ERP systems come in three different types. A brief description of each type is detailed below:

On-Premise ERP Software

An on-premise ERP system is an application that runs on a physical server and accesses data directly from the database. This type of software is typically used for large companies, which need to manage multiple applications with multiple users. On-premise systems are often referred to as enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems because they integrate all of an organization’s business processes into one system.

Cloud-Based ERP Software

Cloud-based ERP software is an online solution that allows users to access their company’s data from anywhere in the world. It is much more cost-effective than on-premise solutions and can be accessed via a web browser or via mobile apps.

Hybrid ERP Software

Hybrid ERP software combines both on-premise and cloud-based solutions to provide users with the best of both worlds. This is beneficial for small businesses that may not have enough IT resources to install and maintain a full cloud-based solution themselves.

Why We Are a Quality Provider of Dependable ERP Solutions

It’s natural for anyone to inquire about the organization before availing of a service. And for exceptionally complex software like ERP, it is something that’s recommended.

You must go with a software developer who has an authentic track record of developing ERP. Moreover, you should make sure that they have a team that is technologically capable enough to work on the project.

That’s why we’d like to demonstrate our skillsets and achievements that make us one of the best providers of ERP in Bangladesh.

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ERP software in a range of different areas

Benefits of ERP Software in the Textile and Apparel Industry

If you’re in the textile and apparel industry, ERP software solutions can be a highly valuable tool for rapid workplace automation.

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing a garments ERP software in Bangladesh is that it will reduce the unbearable complexities surrounding the large workforce management issues.

The RMG, Textile, and Apparel are known as the largest industries in the country. It’s natural to have a lot of departments that deal with various areas within each organization.

Now, to make the communication and information sharing channel smoother between the different departments, our ERP software for small businesses plays an outstanding role.

It minimizes data manipulation possibilities while making information easily accessible for all the employees simultaneously.

As a result, using our ERP software systems your business will be much more productive and flourish in the long run.

You can apply our ERP software in a range of different areas in the textile and apparel industry. They include:

  • ERP applications for textile manufacturing
  • ERP for yarn production
  • ERP solutions for textile processing plants
  • ERP software for ready-made garments
  • ERP solutions for buying houses

Automating Workforce Transactions

Our ERP solutions combine HR, Planning, and Finance in one single platform. You’re also getting different functionalities like enterprise planning, analytics, and capital management.

Using our ERP systems you’d be able to perform workforce management which will contribute heavily to automating workforce transactions.

Having a single source for deriving real-time data, all the departments of your organization will be able to make smart decisions faster and more efficiently.

Our ERP Software for Construction Company

ERP is essential for construction companies as well. Our all-inclusive ERP infrastructure can provide exceptionally industry-specific services for construction companies. We will offer the following modules that are required for construction companies:

  • ● Scheduling of operations
  • ● CAD interface
  • ● Workflow procedures
  • ● Contractor management
  • ● Transport and logistics

Sound Technological Understanding

As mentioned earlier, developing ERP is a challenging task, which is why our thorough background in the technological realm gives us an edge over the average developers in terms of setting up a fully-functional, businesslike ERP software system.

Our ERP Software for School

You can check our services if you want a quality ERP program for your school. School ERP software will help you automate the academic processes and administrative responsibilities exceptionally well.

From student admission to, attendance, submitting assignments, and collection of monthly fees to teacher management, online class, and record management, you can do almost anything you want with our ERP system.

It will digitize your school and transform the administrative activities making regular operations smoother and more reliable.

Some of the benefits of using our ERP for your school include:

Complete Data Security

If you utilize quality ERP systems, you’re guaranteed to gain complete data security. With a highly secure ERP software, all your school data, student information, and staff data remain safe and secure.

Result Generation

Automated result generation is another benefit of using an ERP. It reduces the effort teachers have to put in for each result sheet. So, they can focus more on developing the students. As a result of this shift, you may witness an enhanced academic performance from the students.

Time Tabling and Fees Management

A quality ERP system would minimize the burden from the administrative areas as well. Timetabling and fee management will be completely automatized and the manual labor behind these highly painstaking activities would be greatly minimized.

Additional Customizability

With ZOOM IT, you can customize your ERP solution according to your school's needs and demands. We understand that every organization works in its own unique ways. That’s why our team will be there to offer you continued support as long as all your requirements are not met. We will take into account all the small factors that you want and integrate them into our ERP software.

End-User Training

ERP is complicated. And when you customize a standardized software to your needs it can get even more complex. This is why we would invest a certain amount of time to offer ERP software training in Bangladesh. So he can learn how to operate this software and your organization gets to make the most out of it.

A Rich Work History

We have a team of highly professional individuals who have authentic experience working on ERP programs. Moreover, our organization as a whole has also worked on ERP software creation. Combining our diverse track record and first-hand experience we’d deliver you a quality ERP software solution!

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Frequently Asked Question

Answer: Three types of ERP solutions can be found right now. The 3 types of ERP include On-premise, Cloud-Based, and Hybrid ERP.
Answer: Some of the main functions of ERP include HR and Accounting management. It can also include various other functions depending on the industry, like scheduling, warehousing, timetabling, employee record management, and result generation.
Answer: ERP usually follows four main functional units, including supply chain management, finance, marketing, and sales. It may also include purchasing module, manufacturing module, and inventory control module.
Answer: ERP or Enterprise resource planning is a sort of software that helps businesses automate their business activities.
Answer: The abbreviation for ERP is Enterprise resource planning. It mainly indicates a type of program that automates organizational activities.