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How do we make a profitable software?

First, let's consider what makes a software profitable...?

  1. If it is very easy to use. Humans do not like to work too hard to find what they need. People prefer to use a software that is not messy and is well structured.
  2. If it has the right thing to do. One company wants to have a searchable catalog on their software, another wants to have an online form that completes people, and another wants their information to be accessible only to their users. Those who fulfill these needs will do business.
  3. It looks beautiful. It's nice to see a software, like a nice store or a nice office, that sparks interest - people will only consider your brand or company if they feel comfortable.
  4. The new function is easy to use.
  5. It's safe. If the right security measures are taken, your software can be very good and protect you from cybercrime. Cyber ​​attacks are the only ones whose web masters are not technically knowledgeable.
  6. Updating a software's information system should be very easy. So that the user can easily access the information, manage the data. This is why content management systems are needed.

And for each of our clients, each of our software is user-friendly. Call for Details

Raw PHP or Laravel?

Raw PHP Laravel
Lots of code to write, so it takes longer. Because Laravel has many built-in features, the code is less complicated.
There is a lot of freedom in Raw PHP programming. Laravel has some limitations.
Have to create library. Many libraries already have made.
You have full control over the code Many codes have to be memorized, exceptions cannot be made.

Question: So will the custom PHP or Laravel framework be good for my organization?

Answer: It depends on your project. If the project is small then Raw PHP is best and if the project is large then the laravel framework is the best.

Frequently Asked Question

Some of the most frequently asked questions clients ask

Answer: Of course. We provide free service for up to 6 months after purchasing our software. The next time you use our software, you will continue to receive our service if you pay a small fee.
Answer: Notifying us of this will fix bugs soon