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Being one of the leading organizations in the IT industry, Zoom IT has outstanding expertise in offering quality article writing services for your website. With highly skilled wordsmiths, you’re certain to get reliable writing assistance with Zoom IT

Website Content

The content of a website is essential. However, writing your content is challenging because it requires a lot of time and effort. You need to update your content regularly to keep your website competitive. The world is progressing at a tremendous speed, making it difficult for businesses to keep up. Our highly skilled copywriters.

Blog Content

Blogging about a company regularly boosts its trust and reputation. A blog can also help create awareness and talk about a product among potential clients. An outstanding blog writing service will write blog content about a product or a company. Entrepreneurs can use blog writing services to share their stories.

Product Description

Writing product descriptions is a fantastic method to reach consumers online. Products description writing service with comparable keywords can assist you to reach out to clients who are searching for your product to use certain keywords. This service will provide keyword-rich product or product page descriptions.

Press Releases Content

A well-crafted press release affects both small and large enterprises. If you maintain it properly, it will promote your business for an unlimited period. Nowadays, every entrepreneur uses a press release to promote their new products or services. Increase your website traffic and online visibility in your business need a news portal.

Social Media Content

Content is one of the most effective ways to spread the word about your company. Your message will be delivered to your clients more effectively if you have high-quality content on your website. It becomes simple to keep your customers engaged on your website if you have good content. Share opinions from industry experts to establish authority.

SEO Friendly Content

You will require many articles for your website, but you ensure that they are of the best quality. Because high-quality content can help you rank better in search engines. Using appropriate keywords in the article will make it SEO-friendly. Content that is SEO friendly is recommended by search engines. So, your website’s content will rank higher.

News Reporting

Writing product descriptions is a fantastic method to reach consumers online. Products description writing service with comparable keywords can assist you to reach out to clients who are searching for your product to use certain keywords. This service will provide keyword-rich product or product page descriptions.

Copy Editing

Writing product descriptions is a fantastic method to reach consumers online. Products description writing service with comparable keywords can assist you to reach out to clients who are searching for your product to use certain keywords. This service will provide keyword-rich product or product page descriptions.

Why Is High-Quality Website Content So Important?

Quality content would provide you with a better website ranking as well as an improved site score and user experience. As the saying goes, ‘Content is King’, and plenty of reasons are there for such sayings to emerge. Let’s talk about some of them in brief:

  • Content can be found the moment they’re searched for.
  • Offers better ranking positions on Google or other search engines.
  • Reader and user satisfaction.
  • Enhanced domain authority.
  • Improves website surfing experience.
  • Quality content would help you reach the right audience fast.
  • Authentic content would offer better conversion opportunities.
  • Faster ROI (return of investment) generation and loss prevention.
  • Premium content would improve your website score and statistics.

Why We are One of the Best Content Writing Agencies in Bangladesh?

Why do we consider ourselves as one of the best content writing service providers? You can find out the answers in the following sections:

  1. Content with improved readability

    One of the reasons why our content is loved by our clients is that they’re easily readable. We use a simple yet attractive linguistic pattern that keeps the readers hooked till they finish. The readers enjoy reading our content and that’s our biggest selling point.

  2. Native tone

    Being Bangladeshi, non-native writers, we acknowledge that we have some limitations. However, we do address this issue and do our best to make sure the content sounds natural. If you don’t want the content to sound like an alien speaking to your readers, our content writing services should satisfy your requirements.

  3. Content chunking for reader-friendly content

    Content chunking is a method that we use to break the content down into biteable, easily digestible pieces. It helps readers easily find out what they’re looking for. Moreover, we use this technique to make our articles reader-friendly.

  4. Highly informative blogs

    We try to provide blogs that are highly informative. We make sure that each container contains all the relevant information, including glossaries that are specific to the type of content.
    It makes our content more lively and authentic.

  5. Grammatically sound blogs

    We produce grammatically sound content. Here are a few steps we follow to make sure you get quality content:
    1. We check the content for all errors and inconsistencies.
    2. We use plagiarism checkers, grammar checkers, and spell checkers to ensure that our content is free of any plagiarized text, grammar, and spelling mistakes.
    3. After checking each piece of content, we run it through a plagiarism checker once again to make sure that there are no more mistakes in the text.
    4. We ask our clients to approve our work before we post it on the website or blog.

  6. Plagiarism free content

    Finally, we run each of our content through paid plagiarism checker software called CopyScape. CopyScape is by far the best plagiarism checker program available right now and any content that is CopyScape passed is safe to be uploaded on your website.

  7. Skills and expertise

    Writing is often a skill that can’t be trained completely. Instead, it’s a creative skill that few possess. We understand this distinction and try to accommodate naturally gifted writers in our team. Besides natural skills, we also prioritize writers with rich work experiences. Being in the business for over 5 years we have gathered rich expertise in this field.

Note: If you still have any question regarding our work, at CONTACT US

Plans and Pricing

If you want how much cost for content writing is required checks our plans below:


2000 Taka / $20 USD

Starts from

  • words limit: 100-300 words
  • writer expertise: Beginner


4000 Taka / $40 USD

Starts from

  • words limit: 500-700 words
  • writer expertise: Skilled


8000 Taka / $80 USD

Starts from

  • words limit: 700-1000 words
  • writer expertise: Expert




  • words limit: Clients Demand
  • writer expertise: Expert

Let's start with the project of your dreams

Why should you hire a content writer?

You should hire professional content writers because they can connect your organization to your customers and improve your SEO results and bring in traffic. Now we’ll discuss some of the key reasons you should hire a content writer.

Reduced typos and steady traffic growth

When you’re getting your web content written by professional writers, there will be a lot fewer grammatical errors. The readers will enjoy going through the pieces and will keep coming back for more.

As a result, you’d notice a steady growth in permanent users of your website when you’re using professional writers.

Engaging your site visitors and better search engine optimization

One of the most important features of having your content written by authentic writers is that they make the blogs so engaging that readers would spend more time reading them. It will minimize the

Minimization of duplicate content

Duplicate content can make your site lose rank. It can also make your website highly vulnerable to Google’s penalties. If you don’t want your content to be penalized by Google, it’s high time you should go for quality writers.

Content research, content recency, and content update

If you didn’t know, Google rewards content that is centered around recent events. Google algorithm also prioritizes content that is kept up to date with time to time addition of new and latest information.

A smart content writer would have in-depth research skills to keep your web content up-to-date with the most recent data. As a result, your site will gain better authority from Google.

Proper keyword density and keyword inclusion in heading tags

 Only a professional writer would be able to maintain the appropriate keyword prominence throughout the content. He’d know where to use the keywords and how to include them in a natural manner. The correct keyword distribution in the content will result in a better ranking of your website.

Moreover, a dependable writer would insert the keywords in heading tags to make sure they’re highlighted properly. It will also contribute in getting a better Google ranking.

Content length

How many words should each content be? Well, you may wonder about the content length but the professional writers won’t. They’ll be able to guess the right content length by researching similar blogs in the SERP (search engine results page).

Bullets and numbered lists 

Last but not the least, they know when to use bullets or numbered lists in the article. If you didn’t know yet, adding bulleted and numbered lists in your blog posts would make them easily readable for users.

As bulleted and numbered lists are highly crucial ranking factors, they’d also increase the possibility of your website being found easily on the search engine results page.

Well, these are some of the few reasons you must hire professional content writers for your organization. There are many other benefits of having a writer for your organization, which we’ll discuss further ahead.

How to choose a content writing agency in Bangladesh?

There are different screening processes you can use to choose a content writing agency in Bangladesh. You must be extremely cautious before ordering your content and make sure the content you’re getting is worth the investments. Let’s analyze some key elements that would determine whether the agency you’re dealing with is good enough:

What are their strengths?

The first step is to understand the company’s products and services. Ask yourself: What do they offer? What are their core competencies? What are their strengths? You want to make sure the people working for them are talented writers who have experience writing for their industry and audience. They should also be professionals who understand what it takes to create high-quality content that resonates with their audience.

Proofreading content

Make sure they have a team who proofread each piece of content before submission. Proofreading will minimize errors and syntactical incoherence making your content an ideal piece to be published.

Writer qualifications

The first thing you need to do is check the qualifications of the agency and the writers. Most companies have their own writers and editors who can write on any topic, so this does not matter as much when choosing an agency.

Check agency portfolio

If you want someone who can create content for your website, then you should look at their portfolio first. Make sure that they have worked on similar projects before and look at their reviews and testimonials from other clients that they have worked with in the past.

A physical office

You will also want to see if they have an office where they work out of or if they work remotely with you through an online platform like Skype or Google Hangouts where you can see each other's faces when talking about your project together.

Checking reviews

You can also check reviews on websites like Google, Facebook, etc about a particular content writing platform. Make sure you check the history of their clients and their performance.

Ask for content samples

Don’t forget to go through the content samples of the agency you’re going for. The samples would reflect their writing skills. However, if you don’t understand writing much, get help from expert writers who can assist you in selecting a trustworthy writing agency with a reliable writing service.

Compare expenses for content 

Don’t forget to compare the prices of different writing agencies while choosing the right agency. While it’s always best to spend on getting premium content, you should not break the bank.

Make sure you’re receiving a standard quality for the money you’re spending. Make a balance between quality and expense.

Make sure they deliver plagiarism-free content

Always make an agreement that you won’t accept any plagiarized content. While it’s a bit difficult to get rid of plagiarism completely, you should aim for a below-5%-plagiarism policy. That means any content they submit, shouldn’t have plagiarism above 5% and you’d hold the right to decline any content that doesn’t fit the description.

Our views on how to write a content for website

Writing content for website requires a lot of techniques and strategies. Here we’d like to share our secrets which we use to come up with impeccable web content that converts.

What is content writing?

Content writing is the process of creating and distributing content. It is a digital content production service that addresses the need for high-quality, engaging, and effective content to increase the effectiveness of your business.

In other words, content writing is the process of creating a quality product that is targeted toward your audience. Content is usually composed of more than one element, including text, images, and video, meaning your written content can also be used in making video or audio content.

Content writing services help you create, publish and distribute your message in a way that engages your audience. You can use content writing to create marketing materials like brochures, newsletters, blogs, and e-books. Content writing can also help you improve SEO rankings by improving your website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

Content writers how to write well-structured articles with unique perspectives that influence readers to take action on their websites or social media pages.

It has become an important part of every website as it helps in developing a successful web presence and attracts more visitors to your website. It also helps in promoting your brand image and increases the visibility of your business.

Why is proper content writing important?

Content is the foundation of your online presence. It’s what people find when they search for you online, and it’s what they read when they come to your site. But content can also be used in other ways:

White papers

White papers are often used to present ideas or research that may not work well in a blog post. White papers are more in-depth than blog posts, but they’re still shorter than an ebook. White papers are often written by experts and can include case studies and graphs to illustrate their findings.

Web page copy

Web page copy is used to describe your website, products, and services on your homepage or in any other area of the site. The goal is to create an emotional connection with visitors so that they want to come back for more information. It should be short and sweet — not too long or too complicated.

Keynote speeches

Keynote speeches are used as presentations at conferences and events where the speaker wants to convey key messages without having their words drowned out by other speakers. Keynote speeches are usually long talks given by experts like CEOs, authors, or scientists. They tend to be around 20 minutes in length, although they can go up to 40 minutes if there are lots of slides! You might use a keynote speech as part of a sales pitch or as part of an event where you want attendees to have something memorable from the presentation.

Social media posts

Social media posts are used to engage with followers, customers, and potential customers on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Posting these types of content can help increase engagement with current fans or attract new ones who might be interested in following you as well.

Landing pages

Landing pages are designed specifically for lead generation campaigns, often using multiple channels such as email marketing campaigns and advertising through Google Ad.

Marketing strategy

Content writing is an essential part of any marketing strategy because it allows you to tell your story in a way that resonates with people on a different level than just trying to sell them something.

If customers find out about your company through social media or word of mouth, then those stories will be told by others instead of being told about you directly by the people who came in contact with them first!

Web traffic

Content writing is important because the content is what drives a website and business. It's what gets people to visit your site and buy from you.

It's also what keeps readers coming back and telling their friends about your business.

Best practices of content writing that we follow

Content writing is a very important part of the marketing process. It is the way in which you are able to present your company, brand and product to your target audience. This can be done through blog posts, social media posts, press releases, and other forms of content marketing.

Content writing is an essential skill for any marketer or business owner who wants to succeed in today’s digital landscape. There are many different ways that you can write content for your business, but there are also some best practices that we follow when creating your content.

Some of them are discussed below:

Create an outline 

Before we start writing, it’s important to have a clear idea about what we want to say in each section of our post or article. We do this by using a template or using something like Google Docs or WordPress where we can create an outline before creating each section of the post.

Make it easy for readers to consume

Your readers won’t read or consume all of the content on your site if it takes too long for them to get through it all! We make sure that each section is broken down into smaller sections so that they are easy for readers to consume and share with their friends on social media platforms like Facebook.

This includes things like having images in every section, using bullet points and lists throughout your article, and providing links at the bottom of each page that will allow readers to take action after reading the article.

We keep our content entertaining

Content should be snappy, rich, and entertaining for your visitors because if they don't enjoy reading your content then they won't be likely to share or recommend it online or offline. You can make sure that your writing is engaging by using short sentences (15 words or less), making use of active verbs such as 'tells', 'explains', and 'explain', adding humor.

The tools we use

Our team follows a unique process to create grammatically sound and plagiarism-free content.  We use a combination of tools that we trust to provide accurate content. Here are some of the tools we use.

CopyScape premium

CopyScape is a free plagiarism checker that can be used for providing a quick check on the quality of your work. The tool finds similarities between two or more documents and then compares them for similarity. The tool displays a list of all found matches, as well as their number and percentage.


Grammarly is a popular online grammar checker that helps us proofread any writing by highlighting any mistakes in grammar and spelling. You can use this tool to check your content before sharing it with others on social media, blogs, and other platforms where people share their thoughts and ideas with others.

Using Google for research

Researching the topic - We use Google to find out about the topic that we plan to write about. This helps us understand what kind of information we need to include in our article. For example, if we plan to write about weight loss, then we would search for terms like “weight loss” or “weight management” on Google and see what comes up. We would then look for related articles in order to understand the context behind the information that we will include in our article.

Using word processors like MS Word or Google Docs

Once we have an idea of what we want to write about, then it is time for us to get started with writing! We start by creating draft versions of our article using Microsoft Word or Google Docs. We make sure that all grammar errors are corrected before proceeding further with the process (or else you will be penalized by Google).

Well, we’re at the final parts of our guide. Throughout the entire blog, we’ve tried to demonstrate the reasons that make Zoom IT one of the best content writing agencies in Bangladesh.

Moreover, we also highlighted other organizations that can offer a satisfactory performance on the whole.

A detailed look into how we generate our content will help you understand the level of effort and time we put into each of your articles and blog posts.

Content is what makes or breaks your website. If you use exceptionally well-written articles, the chances of you succeeding are high. The opposite is true if you’re using poor content.

So, what are you waiting for?

Find out the best content writing agency in Bangladesh and decorate your website with killer content right now!