“A software is a set of instructions that instructs the computer regarding what to do.” Software is a great digital helping hand for human beings. It helps us to increase our productivity in the work. There are many different types of software that helps in a different type of work. Today we will discuss the definition of school management software, features of school management software. We shall also discuss school management software in bangladesh, the benefits of using school management software, and where this school management software can be found.

Definition of the school management software

This software is a special kind of software that helps to manage various works of the school. Besides school, this software can also be used in other places. It can be used in colleges, universities, madrassah, polytechnic colleges, etc.

So, in a nutshell, this software is mainly used for help of academic purposes in educational institutions.

Feature of school management software

School management software had some wonderful features. We will discuss some of the features of school management software today

Digital attendance record

This software helps to record the attendance of the students digitally. It can also save the attendance record of the students for further use in the future.

Publishing results

This software can also help in publishing results. It can effectively make an order of merits for the students.

Recording the data

This software can record data. Also, the security system of this software is very robust. So, there is no chance of the data recorded in this software being hacked.

It can record information about students, teachers, etc.

Giving grades

This software also helps to give grades to the students. The system of giving grades in this software works automatically.

Acceptance of payment

This software can also accept the payment of students and record it.

Updating information

Updating information in this software is also very easy. Information can be added or deleted from this software very easily.

Online Admission

Educational institutions can also do their online admission using this software, Different processes of online applications can easily be done through this software. For instance, this software can record the student’s information, acceptance of fee for admission, and enroll the students.


This software had a dashboard. This dashboard enables the software administrator to have a look at various sectors “at a glance”. This dashboard helps to summarize the work of software administrators.

So, this software had a lot of features that make this software a great choice for educational institutions.

school management software in Bangladesh

Bangladesh had a lot of different types of educational institutions. For instance, at the primary level, Bangladesh had 3 types of different sets of curriculums. They are the English version, Bangla Medium, and Madrassah system.

But many things are common in all these different types of educational institutions. For instance, they had to record the attendance, publish results, etc.

This software can help all educational institutions in doing their work precisely and perfectly. It can help to digitalize the educational institutions of Bangladesh.

Recording attendance is a time-consuming thing for the teachers. Attendance is so much important because many works are done on the basis of attendance. For instance, some institutions had a rule of minimum attendance to be able to sit in the examination. Some universities give a portion of marks based on attendance.

This software can help to record the attendance digitally. It can save a lot of time for the teachers. Teachers would be able to focus more on their classes if attendance were taken digitally.

Result publishing is also a common task across all educational institutions. This software can help to publish the results. Teachers had to give a lot of effort to things like result publishing tasks. This software can save a lot of time for the teachers by publishing the results. Also, it would also help the teacher to focus more on their academic activities.

The software can also give grades based on their marks. If this software can be used in grade giving tasks, it would do that precisely and perfectly.

The record-keeping system of our educational institution is still analog. Most of the institutions still use large record books to record various information. This record-keeping system in the record books generally takes a lot of time.

Also, it is very difficult to add or delete any information in these record books. School management software can be very helpful in keeping records. It can store the data perfectly. There is no threat of the data stored here being stolen.

Finding any data that is stored in this software is also very easy. Various information can easily be added or deleted from this software.

The admission process in educational institutions can also be done on the software. Generally, the admission process is a very difficult process in the educational institutions of Bangladesh.

A student had to fill up forms, give admission fees, etc. for the completion of the admission. This software can make the admission process digital.

Students would be able to complete their admission sitting in their homes while using this software. It will be specially helpful for the students who live far away from their educational institutions.

Also, using this software is very easy. Anyone with a basic knowledge of computers can use this software. It had also a dashboard. The dashboard will help any newbie to understand the different features of this software.

Acceptance of fees can also be done through this software. The educational institutions can make the acceptance of fees fully automated while using this software.

The educational institutions can be ahead in their curriculum while using this software. This software can help to make Bangladesh’s schools, colleges, etc. digitalized to a great extent.

The benefits of using school management software

Using school management software can save a lot of time for educational institutions. It can save time for educational institutions. The employees can save a lot of time if tasks like admission or acceptance of fees were to be done by this software.

The task completed by this software would be precise and perfect. There would be no chance of errors while using this software.

This software can also help to reduce the operation cost to a great extent. For instance, the cost of buying this software had to be paid only once.

This software can do various administrative works like acceptance of fees, recording data, online admission, etc. So, some of the works of the employees can be done with this software. So, the number of employees can be reduced.

As a result of reducing the number of employees, the institution can save a lot of money that would have been spent to give the salaries of the employees. So, the institutions can save a lot of money from employee’s salaries by using this software.

Using software will also help educational institutions to keep pace with modern innovations in the education sector.

Where school management software can be found

School management software can be found at Pathshalasoft, Pathshalasoft is a renowned software developer company that develops software for educational institutions.

Pathshalasoft had a young, hardworking, and talented team of software developers. Pathshalasoft will ensure that you get the best software for your educational institutions.

You can contact Pathshalasoft to buy this software. Also, before buying this software, you can also try a demo of this software. You can understand how this software works by trying the demo of the software.

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