Creating a website in Bangla is no different than creating a website in English. The only noted difference between a Bangla and English website is that the Bangla website will have all the contents in Bangla.

One thing is to be noted that though all the contents of a website can be in Bangla, the web address will always have to be in English letters. Now, we will elaborate the how to make a website in Bangla step by step.

How To Make A Website In Bangla

I show you step by step instructions on how to do it yourself so that way if there are any problems or questions, you can contact me for help. Let’s get started!

Step 1- Decide the name of the website

You will have to decide the name of the website first. The naming of a website is very important and it is recommended that you chose a name that reflects the topic of the website.

You can choose a Bangla name for your website. But as had been said earlier, that Bangla domain name will have to be spelled in English Letters.

Step 2- Choose a domain extension

As had been discussed earlier, the domain extension can be seen in the last part of the web address. In the web address of “”, the “.com” is the domain extension.

Sometimes, the domain extension can be of two words. For instance, if we look at the address of the Thezoomdigital  Australia’s website that is “”; we will see that there is two domain extension. One is “.net” and the other domain extension is “.au” That “.au” domain extension is related to the country and this extension is affirming that the institution “zoomdigital” is based in Australia.

If you want the visitors of your website to be known about the country you are based in; then you can use the country domain extension.

While choosing a domain extension, one should also look for its availability. Sometimes, it is seen that the domain extension you are looking for had been taken by someone else. Then, you can look for other domain extensions with the same domain name. For instance, if the “.com” domain extension had been taken by the domain name you had chosen for your website; you can use other domain extensions like “.net, .org” .etc.

You can check the availability of the domain name of your website at GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost website. They will let you check the availability of the domain name you are looking for free of cost.

Step 3- Buying a domain name and hosting

After you had chosen a domain name and domain extension, buying that domain name and choosing a hosting for your website will be your next step. You can buy your domain name from websites like GoDaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost.

You should also choose a hosting plan for your website. You can choose the hosting plan from Bluehost, Hostgator. The cost of domain name and hosting will depend on the package you chose for your website.

Also, there are some other websites that also sell domain names and hosting services. We will recommend you to buy that domain name and hosting from any reliable website. Specially, you will have to be very careful while choosing a hosting plan for your website. If you don’t buy hosting from any reliable sources, it may slow down your website or cause other problems for your website in the future.

If you are finding the task of buying a domain name and hosting for your website too difficult, then you can contact Thezoomit for buying a domain name and hosting for your website. Besides, buying a domain name and hosting for your website, Thezoomit will also develop the website for you.

Thezoomit had a team of an experienced, hardworking, passionate team of web developers who are experts in developing websites.

Step 4-Choosing a platform for the website

Administering a website had become easier than imaginable. Platforms like WordPress, Wix, or Shopify had made the task of administering the website as easy as running a social media platform like Facebook or Instagram.

With the help of these platforms, you can upload content of the website, upload photos or videos for the website, reply to customer questions, and can do all the works of the website.

If you want a free platform to administer your website, we will recommend you choose WordPress. It is the most used platform for administering the website and very easy to use. It is said that almost 70% of the websites all over the world are being administered over this platform.

With the help of these platforms, you can upload content in Bangla also.

Step 5- Create a Logo

Creating a logo is not necessary for your website. Many websites are running without a logo. However, a logo gives uniqueness to the website. The customers can identify the website through its logo.

While creating a logo for the website, you should make sure that you are creating a unique logo for your website. The logo should have not more than 3 colors.

Step 6-Desing the website

After you finished all the other procedures like buying a domain name and hosting, choosing a platform for your website, etc. work, then you should give a look at designing the website. Website designing is an extremely important thing.

When a visitor visits your website, he will look at the design of the website at first and later look at the contents of the website. Color of the website, Layout, Font, – everything comes under the design of the website.

When designing the website, you should keep in mind that using too many colors for designing your website will not be good. Using too many colors may confuse the visitors. The design should be simple but attractive.

Things you want to highlight on a web page should have a different color. For instance, if you have a news portal website, you may want the customers to subscribe to the news portal and give their email into the box. The “subscription” button should be different from the rest of the colors of the pages so that it can be easily identified by the customers.

Layout and font are also very important while designing a website. There are many Bangla fonts available. You may choose a suitable font for your website.

While using a font, you should also keep in mind that you should use the same font throughout different pages for the website. If you choose a different font for different web pages of the same website, it would be uneasy for the customers to read the contents of the same websites in different fonts.

You can contact Thezoomit for the Design of your website. Thezoomit is an expert in designing websites.

Final Step- Uploading Contents

After you had finished all the proceedings of making the website, now is the time to upload content on the website. You can upload writings, photos, videos on your website in Bangla.

This is how you can make a website in Bangla. We had simplified making the website in Bangla so that you can understand each and every step of building a website. If you want a website of your own, you can contact Thezoomit for developing your Bangla website. Thezoomit’s expert web developers will ensure that you get the website according to your needs.

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