Your website is the face of your business to your online user base. You cannot afford to have a poor website that looks outdated, and is not responsive. If you are serious about your online business, you now know about the Best Website Design and Development Company in Bangladesh. We hope you found this helpful.

Website Package


14,990 Taka / $199 USD

20,000 Taka / $250 USD

  • Free Domain+Hosting (200MB)
  • Email Address
  • Total Page: 5
  • Design: Basic


29,990 Taka / $399 USD

40,000 Taka / $499 USD

  • Free Domain+Hosting (500MB)
  • Domain Name Email Address
  • Page: upto 6
  • Design: Standard


54,990 Taka / $599 USD

65,000 Taka / $699 USD

  • Free Domain+Hosting (1GB)
  • Domain Name Email Address
  • Total Page: 12
  • Design: Premium


74,990 Taka / $799 USD

90,000 Taka / $999 USD

  • Free Domain+Hosting (Unlimited)
  • Domain Name Email Address
  • Total Page: Unlimited
  • UI/UX By Entry Level Designer


99,990 Taka / $1099 USD

2,00,000 Taka / $2099 USD

  • Free Domain+Hosting (Unlimited)
  • Domain Name Email Address
  • Total Page: Unlimited
  • UI/UX By Medium Level Designer




  • Free Domain+Hosting (Unlimited)
  • Domain Name Email Address
  • Total Page: Unlimited
  • UI/UX By Senior Designer

Top 10 Best Website Design and Development Company in Bangladesh


  1. ZoomIT

ZoomIT is an emerging startup that has made steady progress since its inception 6 years back. The reason behind ZoomIT’s rapid transformation is its’ seasoned programmers, and web developers who are skilled in HTML, PHP, Database, Laravel, WordPress, Bootstrap, JavaScript, and CMS.

Within this short period, they’ve served international tech giants like Miyako and  A to Z RPL Australia which is pretty unbelievable for a Bangladeshi tech startup.

You can check out their portfolio which clearly reflects the premium-grade web development capabilities they now have!

  1. Southtech

If you’re looking forward to finding out the best website design company in Bangladesh, Southtech is a name that will stay ahead of most web development firms. With 26+ years of experience record, Southtech is one of the earliest IT companies in the country.

Southtech Limited serves over 80 locations worldwide. They currently have 6 international offices and make over 112+ million in transactions every month. They are now a team of 240+ employees and have the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification.

  1. Dcastalia Limited 

At the 2nd spot, we have another highly well-renowned web development firm called Dcastalia Limited. Dcastalia is a Bangladeshi software development business that was founded in 2009 to provide individualized, passionate, and customized services.

  1. Rise Up Labs

Riseup Labs is another rising startup that has made a name in recent years. Rise Up Labs has excelled in developing interactive entertainment experiences across several platforms including mobile applications, games, and online systems.

  1. TopOfStack Software

At the fourth spot, we have TopOfStack Software which was founded way back in 2008. They specialize in the creation and distribution of apps, web technologies, and design applications for iOS, Android, and Windows.

  1. BDtask

BDtask claims to be the most creative software company in Bangladesh. They have expertise in custom desktop software development, and custom mobile application development. They can help you build a WordPress website, a sales ERP solution, any SAAS product, Pharmacy software, and HRM solutions. They have been in business since 2012.

  1. TechnoBD

TechnoBD has worked with over 700 different companies since 2001. It is another quality web design and web development company in Bangladesh. They offer services such as Offshore Development, Mobile App Development, Web Hosting, Social Network Development, and of course Web Development. They have an expert team, who are dedicated to their work.

  1. JoomShaper 

JoomShaper makes the world’s best software solutions for Joomla. They can help you create engaging websites, landing pages, alert bars, pop-ups, and many more. They also have many website templates. Their templates are eye-catchy, SEO-friendly, and come at a low price tag.


Website Design & Development Guide for General People

Do you have an online business? How do you run your online business? You may have a Facebook page to connect with people in your surroundings. But when you run your business via a website, the opportunities are limitless!

You can reach domestic and international clients, receive payments from customers, educate your target market about your product/service, and retain and build a new user base.

However, you won’t witness these positive transformations with an average-looking website. You’d require a sophisticated website with a visually appealing design and a decent response time.

While surfing the design of your website is the first thing your site visitors will see after they land on your homepage. The design of your website will complement the brand message you are trying to send out. It will help invoke the right emotional response from your target market.

On the other hand, website development is another key factor in running an online business. There are different ways to build and run a website. There is a way that is not SEO-friendly, and there are ways that are. Depending on the method you pick, your site engagement, site traffic, and the overall ease of site navigation will vary.

If you haven’t been taking web development and web design seriously, you should now. Remember, your website is the face of your business to your online community. There is no room for compromise here.


Why the zoom is the Best Website Design and Development Company in Bangladesh

There are many other web development, and web design companies in Bangladesh. You may have already noticed the list detailing the names of the best website design and development companies in Bangladesh in the previous section.

However, ZoomIT stands out from the crowd with its unique and impactful services. Currently, we are offering three primary services- web design & development, software development, and SEO.

Here are the reasons why we are the best web design company in Bangladesh, and why you should pick ZoomIT over other alternatives.


User-Friendly Web Design and Web Development Capabilities 

We are aimed at being the best website design company in Bangladesh and nothing less than that. However, it wasn’t as easy as many would think.

We hired experts in the field of JavaScript, Back-End, and HTML. And with our combined effort and exceptional teamwork capabilities, we succeed in meeting the expectations of our respected clients.

We have a special team that works round the clock on WordPress website development operations and can design and deliver jaw-dropping, visually attractive, and user-friendly website designs.

Moreover, our team is highly skilled in front-end technologies including CSS3, JavaScript, HTML5, and jQuery. We also have a solid mastery of code versioning tools like Mercurial, SVN, and Git

  • E-Commerce Website Development

If you’re looking for outstanding E-commerce website development solutions, ZoomIT should certainly be your consideration. We love designing exquisite landing pages that create a sense of authority for users to come in and spend their hard-earned money. The e-commerce sites designed by our professionals were developed by writing effective codes that maintain and scale your eCommerce platforms in the long run.

To be the best website design company in Bangladesh, an organization must possess the skill and the technological infrastructure to develop dependable eCommerce websites. And our commitment to constantly developing reliable eCommerce platforms certainly makes us a top contender for that position.

  •  PHP Laravel Development

PHP Laravel development is another service that we excel at. Our PHP Laravel developers can design and implement websites and web applications using the Laravel framework. Moreover, we also maintain tight security standards and fix any bugs or other similar issues instantly which ensures safe and secure development all the time.

  • Client Satisfaction

Our only goal is to become the best web design company in Bangladesh for that reason client satisfaction is our topmost priority. We offer exceptional post-purchase services which make our clients content.

For instance, if you avail one of our services and you need slight tweaks that can be done without requiring a lot of time being spent on it, we’d do that for you without charging you a penny for it.

As we continue to provide this free, additional, post-purchase support, our client base remains satisfied. A clear reflection of that is our ‘Testimonials’ section where the clients have expressed their feelings after using our services.

  • Software Development 

Besides, web development services we also offer highly professional software development solutions. Clients can pick and choose from an array of different software development-related services such as full-stack development, front-end development, cloud computing, and desktop development.

  • SEO Optimized Web Design 

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a tremendously discussed topic for online businesses. Websites that are designed in an SEO-friendly manner typically receive more traffic than those that do not.

That’s why our SEO-optimized web design services increase the visibility of your website, which results in increased traffic and conversions.

Usually, we prioritize your users. However, in order to maximize the effectiveness of your website, you should design it with both people and search engines in mind.

And to become the best website design company in Bangladesh, that’s exactly what we are doing. We are equally prioritizing user-friendly design principles and implementing SEO-optimized design strategies for the best possible outcome for your business.

  • Valid Experience 

Experience is the foundation of our success. If you want to be the best website design company in Bangladesh, you must go head to head with the top web design organizations in the country. And for that, you’d require valid experience.

Yes, there, in fact, are many website design and development company options in Bangladesh. However, they may not have the tangible experience record as we do. Many are operating completely remotely without a physical office.

Founded back in 2017, we have a long and reality-driven experience in the field of both web and software development. Since our inception, we had an in-house development team who worked tirelessly for the success you’re witnessing today.

  • Service Quality 

Customer retention is always a challenge in a highly competitive market like Bangladesh. And if you want to be the best website design company in Bangladesh, you’d have to prove it with exceptional service quality and that’s where we come in.

With a firm emphasis on maintaining high and international standards in our web development services, we have earned a reputation for delivering outstanding services to our clients day in and day out.

If you’re someone who values quality over anything else, our special team can offer you premium-grade website development solutions. And these are not empty words at all. Check out our Portfolio, it only reflects the amount of effort we put into each of the websites we design.

Our continuous efforts and earnest dedication have earned us high-level international clients like the Japanese electronics giants Miyako and A to Z RPL Australia. We have also worked with several renowned domestic organizations, such as the emerging eCommerce platform MasherSodai.Com and the new Bangladeshi startup TipTop Courier.

All their websites are designed by our team of expert designers and developers and are still being monitored and maintained through our support team for fixing bugs or other user issues and for better innovations ahead.

And we are ever thankful to our team who has helped us reach where are right now.

So if you are looking for the Best Web Design Company in Dhaka, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Along with the Garments, and textile industry, the IT sector of Bangladesh is doing very well. It now employs thousands of talented Bangladeshis. Many IT companies are serving both domestic, and international clients for decades. On the other hand, with the rise of online job markets, many people are working as full-time freelancers and earning crucial foreign currency for Bangladesh.

In this blog, we took a look at the best website design and development company in Bangladesh. Why would you hire a foreigner when there are qualified and sincere, and dedicated web development company in Bangladesh? After we looked at the web development companies, we saw why a beautiful website is important for any online business.

If you have any confusion, please leave a comment below with your query. We love hearing from you.