Designing a website is a very important task. By designing a website beautifully, the chance of visitors frequently visiting the site increases. Also, a website looks very beautiful when it is designed beautifully. But designing a website is no easy task. There are a lot more things to be considered while designing a website. Today we will discuss How can I design my own website? We will also discuss which platform would be the best to design a website. The benefits of designing a website by yourself will also be discussed. Finally, we will also discuss Thezoomit and its web development and web designing services.

How can I design my own website?

At first, we will have to know what elements constitute a web design. If we do know about the elements of web designing, web designing would become easier. The main elements that constitute web designs are font and its size, colors, logo, page layout, etc. If we can know in detail about these things, web designing would become much easier.


The font is a very important element of a website. Choosing a good quality font is very important for good web designing. But different types of strategies should be applied while choosing a font for different types of websites.

For blog sites, a popular font like Times New Roman or Calibri should be chosen. The reason for choosing a popular font is that people mostly visit a blog site to read things. If the visitors had to read the writings of the blog site in an unknown font, it will be difficult for them. So, for a blog site, a popular font that is widely used should be chosen.

But this should not be the case for all the sites. For instance, brand and fashion websites should choose unique fonts for their sites. The reason for this is that people mostly visit these sites expect something new or special. If they get to see some different fonts, it will satisfy their wish.

Also, the font size is very important. Nowadays, some newspapers and blog sites even give the freedom to choose the size of the font. So, a visitor can enlarge the font for his needs in these sites if he wants.

The font size of a blog or newspaper should not be too small or too big. The font size should be medium. The visitor may find it easy to read the fonts.

But, the font size for other websites like e-commerce websites would be different. For instance, An e-commerce website should have a different font size for its product name, product description, etc. It will be easier for the visitor to identify different sections of the e-commerce site.

So, this is all about fonts. If you want to design your own website, you must have a good knowledge of fonts.


Color is also a very important element in the designing of a website. If you want to design your own website, you must have a good idea of colors.

Many website building services use too much color while developing a website. But using too much color on a web page is not good at all. For blogs and newspaper-like sites, using too many colors on a web page may cause irritation to the visitors.

But for fashion websites, using many colors on a web page is okay. People expect a lot of color contrasts from this kind of site.

For e-commerce like sites, different colors should be used on different parts of the web page. For instance, e-commerce giants like Amazon had used different colors for its “buy now” button for the rest of the web page.

Color can also be used on a web page when the web owner wants something to appear different from the rest of the web page.

Page Layout

Using a proper page layout is also very important for a website. A web page that has a good layout creates a good impression on the visitors.

Placements of different things on a web page are also important. There are some orders of things that are universally followed on a web page. For instance, in a blog site, the comment section comes at the end of the web page. But if someone tries to bring the comment section at the top of a web page, it will not be good for the visitors.

To know about these universal rules regarding the placement of things on a web page, you will have to visit similar websites you want to build. For instance, if you want to build an e-commerce site, you should visit other e-commerce sites. Visiting other e-commerce sites will give you an idea regarding the page layout.


The logo may not be directly considered in the web design. Still, the logo is an extremely important element of a website.

Imagine, someone had mentioned Facebook or Youtube in front of you. Then the image of these sites that will come to your mind is of their logos. The logo gives a unique identity to your site.

Designing a logo by yourself is very easy. You can visit websites like Canva and design a logo by yourself for free. On Canva, there are thousands of templates and you can make a logo for your website from there.

Menu or sitemap

A menu or a sitemap should also be a part of your plan in a web design. A menu or sitemap will help the visitor to easily explore different parts of the website.

Also, it will help a visitor to go to various web pages of a website easily.

Keeping in mind various devices

Some websites only design their websites keeping in mind the desktop only. But nowadays, most people are visiting a website through their mobile.

So, while designing a website, it is recommended to see how the design looks on a desktop or mobile. Some functions that are used on the desktop may not work effectively on mobile. That’s why some web designers design the website for mobile versions completely differently.

Even if a completely different design can’t be done for mobile versions, the feature that wouldn’t work on the mobile version should be replaced. There should also be different designs for tab versions also.

So, these are some of the things that you should consider while designing your website.

Which platform would be the best to design a website

The best platform to design a website is WordPress. You don’t need to learn any language, codings, etc to design a website on WordPress.

Also, there are thousands of options for designing a website on WordPress. There are plug-ins through which many beautiful designs of a website can be done. Some of the plug-ins are free also.

Also, it is very easy to use WordPress. It is free to administer websites on WordPress. There are tutorials available online where you can also learn to design a website on WordPress.

WordPress is also one of the most used website administering platforms. So, you can choose WordPress to design your website.

The benefits of designing a website by yourself

Opening a website costs some money. One had to buy a domain name and hosting. Although the amount of money is very little, it still is a considerable amount. Many young website owners have very little money to invest in their sites.

Besides the fee of domain name and hosting, there is also a fee for website security, backups, etc. Also, the web owner would also have to give money to the content creators. So, there are a lot of costs associated while opening a website.

So, if you want to save your money, Designing the website by yourself may save you money. You will not have to give an extra amount of money to the web designer.

Also, if you design your website, you will get the freedom to design the website as per your wishes. The web designing done by you will reflect the thought of yours.

Also, not all web designers are good. It is very important to design the website keeping in mind the content of the website. But some web designers don’t understand this. If you design your website, you can design the website keeping in mind the content the website produces.

Also, if you ever feel in the future that the web design needs to be changed, you can easily do it. You can make any changes as per your wishes in the future if you know the web designing.

Also, knowing web designing also gives you extra work opportunities. By learning web designing for your website, you can also freelance your web designing skills and earn extra money.

Thezoomit and its web designing services

Thezoomit is a renowned web development and web designing company. We had previously developed and designed a lot of websites. We have a young, talented, and hardworking team of web designers and developers.

If you want to build a new website, you can contact Thezoomit. Also, if you want to design your new website or redesign your old website, you can contact us. The experienced team of web designers and developers of Thezoomit will ensure that you get the web designing you want. Our packages are also very attractive for web designing services.

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