A website will have a domain name, a domain extension, and some web pages. In the modern world, websites had become an effective tool for business. People are using websites to sell their products, promoting their ideology, teachers are using websites to teach their students, and people all over the world are doing many more things through the website. But if a website is not attractive, the visitor will turn around from the website and the business of the website will become unsuccessful. Today, we will discuss what makes a website effective, ways how you can make your website effective and where to find a web developer to develop and design a website for you.

What Makes A Website Effective

There are many elements of a successful website. We will discuss some of the elements of a successful website. The more a person uses these elements properly, the more chance there will be to make his website successful.

User Friendly

The number one characteristic of a successful website lies in its user-friendliness. If we take a look back at some of the most famous websites like Facebook, Instagram, Google, Amazon; we will see that all of these websites are very much friendly to use.

We can take the example of Google to illustrate our point regarding user-friendliness. Before Google, there were search engines like Yahoo and others. But when Google had come into the marketplace, it made sure that their website should be user-friendly and they had developed such a system that the visitor gets their information from Google search engine easily.

Because of its user-friendliness, more and more people are searching for their information on Google and today Google is in the first position among all the search engines of the world.

So, whenever designing a website, it must be kept in mind that people must be able to use various functions of the website easily. If someone builds a website of thousands of functions but doesn’t make the website user-friendly; it is most likely that his website will not be successful in the long run.


Content is very much important for a website to be successful. If a website fails to produce content that will attract the customer, the website will not be effective.

For a blog site, content is the various blog posts of the website. For an e-commerce site, the content of the website is the description of the product, features of the product, etc.

For a successful website, it is also essential that the website have plagiarism-free content. If a website consists of content with plagiarism, it will be very bad for the reputation of the website.

Photos and Videos

Photos and videos make a website more attractive. For instance, if a news portal ads the photo or video of an event, it will attract the visitor more than a newspaper that will have only descriptions about the event on the webpage.

Adding relevant photos and videos helps the visitors to understand the topic of the subject easily. For instance, if an e-commerce website shows a picture of its product and makes a video on how to use the product, the visitor may feel very comfortable understanding the function of the product.

While adding photos and videos, it is also essential to keep in mind the visitors of the website. Adding photos or videos that are not related to the subject or topic may cause irritation for the visitors.


Another essential element of an effective website is that it will have its own unique logo. If we look at companies like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google; we will see one common thing between all of these successful websites and that is each of them had a unique logo.

A logo is an identity. This logo creates an impression in the mind of the visitor about the website. The logo becomes synonymous with the website in the mind of the visitors. A unique logo helps to brand the website and also helps the website to establish its identity.


Using color effectively is a much-needed strategy for a website to become effective. If a website uses the same color everywhere on the website, the design of the website may seem boring to the visitors of the website. On the other hand, using too much color on the website may also create confusion among the visitors.

A successful website will have different colors for its different sections. For instance, if we go to the world’s most famous e-commerce website Amazon, we will see that it had used different colors on different parts of the webpage so that the user finds it easy to find different features. It had used different colors for buttons like “Buy Now” or “Add to List.”

Mobile Friendly

Most of the people of the world visit websites on their mobile. Still, many of the website designs are only for laptops or computers. If a website hadn’t been designed as mobile-friendly or keeping in mind the visitors who will visit the website on mobile, many of the functions of the website may not work on the mobile.

For making a website effective, it is very important to be able to use the website on mobile easily. For instance, having high-resolution photos or videos on a web page may essentially slow down the loading of the web page on mobile. So, it is better to bring down the resolution of the photos on a web page to make the website mobile-friendly.

Sometimes, some features had to be cut down in the mobile version of the website. For instance, the feature one would get using Facebook on a laptop will definitely be much more than using it on a mobile phone.

So, these are some of the elements that make a website effective. If you want to have an effective website, you can contact Thezoomit for making an effective website for you.

Thezoomit had an experienced team of web developers who had designed many effective websites in the past. The young, talented web developers of Thezoomit will ensure that you get an effective website.

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