WordPress is the most popular platform all over the world to administer websites. People use WordPress websites for blog sites, e-commerce sites, portfolio sites, etc. The website owners should also take various precautions for the protection of a website. In spite of taking protections for the security of a website, a website can be hacked. Today we will discuss what is a WordPress site, why WordPress sites are the most popular. We will also discuss what should i do if my wordpress website hacked. Finally, we will discuss Thezoomit and developing a WordPress site.

What is a WordPress site?

WordPress is the single most famous website administering platform. Different types of sites like e-commerce, affiliate website, news portal, etc, can easily be administered on WordPress.

Also, another amazing thing about WordPress is that it can be administered for free. No charge or fee needed to administer a website on WordPress.

Also, a free website can also be opened on a WordPress site. But any free website that would be opened on WordPress will include “WordPress” in its web address.

Why WordPress sites are the most popular

WordPress is the single most website administering platform. An estimate shows about 70% of the people of the website are using WordPress to administer their site.

WordPress is very easy to use

It is very easy to develop a website and design it on WordPress. No coding or programming language is needed to develop a WordPress website.

Also, many things like setting the menu bar, website designing can easily be done on WordPress.

WordPress is free

Another reason for the popularity of WordPress is that it is free. Many plugins can be found on WordPress for free. These plugins help to do various works of a website.

Also, if WordPress is compared to web administering services like Shopify; only then we can understand the reason for WordPress being so valued. Some packages on a website like Shopify take more than $100 a month. While the same thing can be done on WordPress for e-commerce sites for free.

Availability of Tutorials

There are thousands of tutorials available regarding running a WordPress website. These free or paid courses are very easy to learn. Anyone who had a basic knowledge of computers can learn it easily.

These tutorials had added to the popularity of WordPress. People can easily learn to administer websites on WordPress from these courses.

What Should I Do If My WordPress Website Hacked?

At first, you should document all things related to the website. For instance, what thing is making you believe that your website had been hacked? What actions had been taken against this website hack? Did any changes appeared on the website recently or not? When did you first notice a change in your website? You may take screenshots and make a file of them for documentation.

You should also scan your website. You can scan your website in two ways. If you want your website to be scanned by remote-based scanners then you can use Sitecheck.

If you want to use application base scanners then you can use Quetta, Sucuri, WordFence, etc. Also, you can scan your website for both of these methods.

The website may also face an attack from the hosting services. Specially, the security of shared hosting of some of the hosting providers is not good. You should contact the hosting provider. You should confirm from the hosting provider if the website had actually been hacked or not,

You should also try to detect the antivirus if the attack is coming from your computer or desktop. You should install a good antivirus. By installing antivirus you can effectively check if your hardware had malware inside it or not.

In many of the cases, viruses came from within the hardware of the computer. So, it is necessary to check the hardware of the computer.

Creating a backup for all the files is also very important. Sometimes the hackers delete all the data of a website. In these cases, it is necessary to have a backup for the data of your website.

You can backup your data from the hosting provider. Having a backup gives you many advantages. For instance, you will not have any worry about your data being lost.

Also, you should check if your website had been blacklisted or not. Search engines like Google, Bing sometimes blacklists some of the websites.

Password is another important issue. You should set up strong passwords for your website. There are some tools that suggest a strong password. It is better that you change the password if you think any attempt was made to hack your website.

You should also choose a very long password. Choosing a long password will make it almost very difficult to hack the website via passwords.

Also, two-factor authentication should also be turned on. Having two-factor authentication is very good for the security of the website.

Forensic analysis can be done to ascertain what exactly had happened to the website. For any website owner, it is difficult to do forensic analysis. They can take help from different tools for forensic analysis of the website.

After trying these methods, you can find the exact reason for your website hacking. After finding the reason of the hacking, you should remove the hack. After removing the hack, you should reset all the functions of the website.

You should then update the content of your website. Also, you should also update all the latest software for your website. The older version of the software is most vulnerable to hacking. So, all the software or plugins that are used in the website must be updated.

Thezoomit and developing a WordPress site

Thezoomit is a web development company. It had developed many websites in the WordPress platform previously.

You can contact Thezoomit for the development of your website. Thezoomit had an experienced team of web developers. The expert web developers of Thezoomit will ensure that you get your desired website.

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