The software had gained a lot of popularity after Microsoft launched its windows. The software had become accessible for everyone after the launch of Microsoft Windows. Thousands of work can be done on the software. Working on the software saves our time. The software had made our life easier. Today we will discuss the definition of pos software, the features of this software, pos software in Bangladesh, and where this software can be found.

Definition of pos software

The full form of pos software is Point of Sale (POS) software. This software helps to complete the payment for products. This software can help specially in the retail store. This software can complete payment transactions easily.

Feature of pos software

Various payment methods

This software can accept various payment methods. Besides cash payment, it is also able to complete payments from credit cards or mobile. So, having this software makes the payment process easier. The customer can also explore his options for payment using this software.

Customer history

Another amazing feature of this software is the customer history. It is able to record the customer history by its name or code.

Customer history enables a retailing store to understand the “buying probability.” “Buying probability” means the chance of buying a product by a customer based on its previous records.

This feature is specially important for any store. One of the reasons amazon had been so successful is that it had recorded the history of the customers. Based on the customer history, amazon had been able to run successful promotions of their products. If stores want to give discounts and promotional offers, customer history will be very helpful for them.


Another special feature of this software is the use of Barcode. For using this system, you should tag every product in your store with a Barcode. In this method, the software is able to know the product from its barcode.

Having a barcode helps to keep track of the products of the store easily. Each and every product that has been sold or had entered in the store can be tracked.


This system of dashboard enables the manager to have an “at a glance” view of the store. The manager can have various information about the store in just one place. Also, the dashboard enables the manager to keep track of records of the various activities of the business.

Keeping records of the data

This software also helps to keep the records of the data. The data stored in this software can be accessed for future analysis of the business.

Searching made easier

Searching for various products manually in the store may take a lot of effort. This software makes the work of searching easier. Managers or users of this software can search for products and their information using this software.

User accounts

If multiple people are working in a store, it is very difficult to track their sale records. This software can give a unique id to every user. Every time the user will log in to the account, he will have a track of the sales he had made.

This user account helps the manager and owner to ascertain the activeness of its workers. Managers can find it out through their activity in the user account.

Inventory management

For every retailing store, inventory management is a must. Be it large or small, the shop must have its own inventory. This software can help to manage the inventory.

Every product that had come into the store can be recorded in this software. Information like the name of the product, where it had been stored can be recorded using the software. An effective inventory management system helps to run the store efficiently.

Saves the time

Imagine going to a super shop and buying some items. If the items that were brought were to be written manually, it would take a lot of time. This software can make transactions within a few seconds. So using this software a lot of time can be saved.

Strong security system

This software had a strong security system. So, it will save the data recorded in it securely. There is no possibility of the data being leaked by anyone else.

Reduces the chance of errors

This software reduces the chance of errors. It can make various calculations regarding sale transactions perfectly.

Saves the operation cost

This software can also reduce the operation cost to a great extent. If any store wants to use the manpower instead of using this software, it would be much costlier. On the other hand, the expense of this software is only once. This software can effectively complete much of its work efficiently.

Pos Software In Bangladesh

Bangladesh had been very late to adopt this software. Still in most of the retailing store in Bangladesh doesn’t have this software. Using this software can bring a revolutionary change in the operation of retailing business.

In Bangladesh, there is a history of the customer giving payment of the product at a later time. It becomes very difficult for the retail store to keep track of this type of transaction. But this software can effectively track the transactions of the customer who makes payments later.

The retailers of Bangladesh can complete their transactions with the customers very fast while using this software. Also, they can accept the bkash, Nagad, etc payment by using pos software.

The cost of operating a retail store can also be reduced in Bangladesh using this software. Keeping the track record of the products can also be done using this software.

The software can also keep the record of the customers. A retail store can implement its various strategies based on this customer history.

The calculation method in the retailing store is also very old. People still use pen and paper to do various calculations of the business. Usually, it takes a lot of time and there is always a chance of error in this method. POS software can do all these calculations precisely.

Also, the inventory system can easily be updated using this software. It will be easier to find different products for the shopkeeper using this software.

Total weekly and monthly sales can be calculated easily using this software. It also had a dashboard where the shopkeeper can see various information at a glance.

In a nutshell, using this software will definitely increase the productivity of Bangladeshi stores. It is specially recommended for Bangladeshi retailing stores to use this software. It will definitely beneficial for them in the long run. It will also save a lot of costs.

Thezoomit and POS software

You can contact Thezoomit for buying POS software. Thezoomit is a software development company. It had young, talented, hardworking software developers. Thezoomit will ensure that you get the desired POS software for your business needs. You can contact Thezoomit for a demo of this software so that you can understand how it works.

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