An ecommerce website is which permits you to sell and buy goods which are tangible, products and online services. A professional eCommerce developer can help people by getting your business into the modern era.

If you are trying to start your career as an eCommerce owner, you should know about the features and function of the website as well as the cost for eCommerce website development. Knowledge would not be enough to build a website, some examples of eCommerce websites are Amazon, Welly, Apple, Carrollwood Florist, and Smokehaus etc.

Components of eCommerce

Before starting the eCommerce website business, a developer should know about the features of eCommerce and select the factors that are directly related to the cost.

  • Provide workable and quality information through the eCommerce technology to reducing the costs of information.
  • Gives rich content with the graphical designs, maps, animation or 3D pictures.
  • Higher the effectiveness through the two way communication; businessman and customer connected together to reach their goals and satisfy customer.
  • Maintain the universal standards.
  • Promote business worldwide by internet and World Wide Web to reach the customers all over the world.
  • Helps to reduce information density.

Essential factors that determine the cost of eCommerce websites are

  • eCommerce platform
  • Functionality of website
  • Design of the website
  • Imports data
  • Integrations of other party
  • Shipping
  • Selection of a company
  • Responsive design

Factors that impact the eCommerce sales

By running an eCommerce business, developer should know the customers or users feedback and after the survey of the experience of the users you may find some factors that actually works for sales and that is the most effective way of enriching your business. The possible factors that sales well, you can find bellow:

  • Convenient pricing
  • Quality of products
  • Time of shipping
  • Return policy
  • Loyalty
  • Useful navigation

Limitations of an e-Commerce websites

  • Privacy: Lack of privacy reduces the use of the internet and limits the development of the e-Commerce.
  • Security: without safe security, people hesitate to give personal and economical information.
  • Cultural barrier: habits and choices of people differ from nation to nation and creates barrier to both developer and the customers.
  • Tax: when buyer and sellers are from different nation, there sales tax create a huge problem.
  • Technical limitations: always use common software which allows all people to browse.
  • Cost: technological cost may higher the risk of losing capital from the business.

Total Cost for eCommerce Website Development in a Brief

This website pricing is different from the ecommerce website pricing, design and development requirements are the main factors of varying the cost. Here’s list depending on how we, The ZoomIT, charge and other related things

  1. Website design cost:
  • Logo making:
  • Graphics & Service articles addition:
  • Payment system addition:
  1. Website maintenance cost:
  • Product upload and update:
  • Support management:
  • Monthly updates and Fixation:

NOTE: Ecommerce website development costs can vary depending on the client’s set deadline. The price range will increase if any project is demanded earlier. For further details contact: +880 1711 432 284 or +880 1723 890 031


Development of an eCommerce website is never be easy and cheap, or a short time process to build up a website. It requires a lot of skills and knowledge about the technology to reach the professionals ultimate needs. However, improvement should be necessary to run the eCommerce website and proper guideline and investment and man power can make it to the road of success.

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