Are you suffering from website uptime and downtime problems? This occurs when your website is not responsive. A responsive website can improve its ranking on search engines.

To make a website mobile-friendly and avoid unnecessary resizing, zooming, and scrolling, you will need to make your website accessible. It also helps to gain a fixed audience. For some users, it’s tough to understand the way to make the website responsive. Let’s know the correct methods to get the possible solution.

How to Make Your Website Responsive

For giving the best user experience from all devices, Website responsiveness is a must. May you think that is important for your website? Here are the advantages of website responsive:

  • The audience can access your website from any device in many shapes and sizes. It’s beneficial to get a fixed audience.
  • It makes monitor analyzing easy. Suppose you have a different website for different devices, and it’s tough to put an eye on both. If your site is responsive, you won’t need a separate site means you can use analytics from one source of information.
  • Different websites on different devices are challenging to handle. A responsive website is straightforward to maintain.
  • For avoiding website traffic, Google is now favoring responsive websites to improve search results for mobile users.
  • When your website gets slow audience will never wait for you. They will go to one of your competitor’s website. As a result, day by day, your site will lose its audience. To avoid this situation, use site responsive and make the site speedy and gain audience.

6(Six) Basic Ways to Make Your Website Responsive

To make necessary changes to your website, here is some responsive website planning.

  1. Take a fluid grid 

The first essential thing is to know is about this one. A fluid grid is a developed way to make a responsive website. When the fluid grid was not so popular, people used to use Pixels. A fluid grid helps in sizing things for screens, and it was not possible in pixels. The fluid grid works much better for speedy design-related decision-making, closer alignments control, and keeping the site visually consistent across any device.

  1. Appropriate Responsive Breakpoints

For providing the possible user experience, Responsive breakpoints are essential. Not every device requires the exact sizes and resolutions. By allowing responsive breakpoints, you can make your website fast by scrolling and zooming for any device. Responsive breakpoints are also known as media query breakpoints.

  1. Responsive images and videos

To make images responsive, use modern image tag attributes. Also, for responsive videos, you can use aspect-ratio. Especially take care of your images and videos’ position, width, and height.

  1. Use typography 

You know the web designers define font size with pixels, but it would require a responsive font for the accessible website. That is why allow typography for allowing your responsive font to be easily readable on any device.

  1. Trying pre-designed theme

For the responsive website, you can use a pre-designed theme. It has both options( free or paid). After choosing the theme, decide the color, brandling, and text. Web designers also use pre-destined music to save time. So, if you are suffering from a lack of proper time or don’t want to waste time designing a accessible website, you can go for this one.

  1. Project outsourcing

Suppose you are not a WordPress or hosted eCommerce user, then it can be challenging to locate a pre-design theme to use for you. Well, you can hire someone who can customize it for you. Try to hire a freelancer to redesign your site; never forget to check their references cause this is an advanced job.


You are considered all the following steps above things about how to make your website responsive. Our primary target is to make the site work super fast and speedily. If your website is not accessible, then surely you are going to lose all the audience. So, if you are planning to create websites, forget everything and make your website responsive to give your audience your best.

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