Accounting Software in Bangladesh

Software that works specifically to keep data and manage all the transactions, financial transfer also records fixed assets, current assets, expenses, revenues, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and all other data that is related to the accounting section of an organization moreover show analysis reports related to these data is referred as an Accounting Software.

Digitalization has updated all the sectors of mathematical works, accounting is one of them. There was a time when people used huge long sheets of paper to keep accounting records but now the arrival of accounting software has made it super cool and easy.

Most of the organizations that have regular accounting tasks including banks, insurance companies, finance corporations, share markets, medium to large-size companies, and corporate offices have their own customized accounting software in Bangladesh.

What Is Accounting Software

The software that is dedicated to doing all the accounting tasks properly is known as accounting software. This is a complete accounting system that is skilled in entering data such as income, expenses, loans, credit accounts, amount of assets, overall financial position, and related information.

Accounting software can provide accurate financial data to the Chief Finance officers, treasurers, collectors, cashiers, and authority board members in real time. This helps an entire organization to work efficiently, without wasting extra time on calculating.

Dedicated accounting software automatically tracks your expense, income, and all cash flow management. Even advanced software supports payment recording and updating data of invoices.


Types of Accounting Software in Bangladesh

Like other software accounting software is also divided into some types, depending on their workability, features, type of operation/business, and initial functionality. Accounting software is classified into the following categories;

  • Invoice Software

The invoice software is mainly skilled to operate the operations related to an organization’s billing segments. It also works to manage all daily transactions including cheques, due payments and accounts receivable, etc.

  • Payroll Management Software

This type of accounting software is concerned with the payroll activities of a company such as calculating workers’ and officials’ payments, sending salaries to the staff’s bank account, and observing payslips and TAX information as well.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning-ERP System

The ERP system of accounting software can manage all product planning, purchasing, inventory and warehouse management, financial tasks, and human resource management.

There are a few classifications of ERP systems given below,

  • On-Premise ERP

This type of ERP is used in a physical server that can access data directly from the database. Generally, large organizations with multiple operators use this software. This type of software can process all organizational tasks in one single system.

  • Cloud-Based ERP

Cloud-based classification of ERP systems is a kinda e-solution that considers multiple users from different locations can access the system. This is more budget-friendly than the on-premise type of ERM, also usable by web browsers and mobile apps.

  • Hybrid ERP

A combination of both on-premise and cloud-based systems to offer users the best service is known as Hybrid ERP.

Top Features of Accounting Software

The size of your enterprise doesn’t matter but you should consider accounting software in your business to make your team more efficient. This can save a huge amount of money and stress that you would face using excel or spreadsheets. 8 key features of accounting software are

  • Security

Accounting software holds financial data and people’s personal information like contact addresses or account numbers for invoicing. So security is a must concern. Accounting software ensures the high security of these data.

  • Remote Access

Accounting software has cloud-based facilities. So the users of the software can access the database from anywhere in the world at any time without any security concerns.

  • Easiness

Accounting the name gives us the thought of a complex task! But accounting software is very easy to use, studies say that accounting software is more used by administrative than professional accountants. 

  • Bookkeeping

A good quality accounting software will provide you with services like updating the ledger, managing payrolls, calculating tax, and so on. As it is automated, any chances for error in the calculation are very low.

  • Managing Debit and Credit Accounts

Accounting software helps you to keep records and updates of your accounts payable and accounts receivable including showing you up-to-date data and numbers. Moreover, it sends you a notification of due dates as well.

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Facilities

This software will provide you with a few services of CRM. It will manage all your invoices from sending them to the customer to highlighting if there is any response from the customer side. Also gives you reminders to follow up with your customers.

  • Financial Reports

The primary task of accounting software is handling all the financial databases and calculations of an entire organization. Your accounting software will keep all your financial information in a single place and show you reports of your financial situation.

  • Purchases and Sales Management

From bookkeeping your all purchases to sending invoices to your customers, all these jobs can be done by accounting software. It can keep records of your all buying and selling with detailed information even through detailed transaction methods.

  • Warehouse Management

Warehouse or inventory management is one of the critical operations for every business management team. In most cases, big companies and mainly manufacturing companies own more than one warehouse. Keeping all the updates of each warehouse manually is actually quite hard.

Highly efficient accounting software is featured with warehouse or inventory management systems. That provides you the facility to track your goods, get shipment updates, trace all goods boxes, simply keep count of the goods in stock, and other inventory management options.

Accounting Inventory Software And Modules

Most large businesses own inventory, and inventory means a huge amount of products and elements stored in a warehouse. As a result, the accounting software the company will use has to have the functions of inventory management that include; product tracking, sales monitoring, shipping management, and showing updates on stock conditions.

It will also provide the facilities of automating ordering and tracking the locations of goods in the warehouse so the business functions become easier.

Some Best Accounting Inventory Management Software Is,

Finding the appropriate software is kinda a big challenge for every organization. A few popular and positive user-experienced software are,

  • Cin7 Orderhive – Recommended for general or overall business
  • inFlow – Recommended for B2B Companies
  • Lightspeed Retail – Better for retail stores
  • Upserve – Best for restaurants
  • Megaventory – Popular in manufacturing companies
  • Zoho Inventory – Most recommended free software

Modules of Inventory Management Software,

Depending on the segment a software has been developed for, the modules of it varies. But as of today, we are talking about accounting software, here we have listed the common modules of accounting inventory software;

Accounts Chart

The complete list of your ledger account. This is a combination of all your assets, liabilities, income, investment, and expenses. An overall showcase of all your accounts is visualized in this chart. Account software should have an automated chart based on the ledgers you have in your business.

Invoice or Bill

Each sale needs to generate a bill or invoice to give the customer. The invoice should be correct and detailed so that the customer can easily understand the calculations. Making an invoice manually is an irritating task and it can make mistakes. But when your accounting software will automatically provides the invoice or bill, it will be easier and more correct.

Financial Reports

The balance sheet and income statement are the two most important statements to consider in every business. Your financial position can be measured by the balance sheet. The income statement shows you the revenues and expenses of your business. The accounting software automatically creates these statements and shows you the profitability of your business. It helps you to analyze the entire financial flow of your organization.

Monitoring the Cash Flow

Maintaining the cash flow is a must-task for all business owners. Manually observing the cash flow of an organization is very stressful, time-killing, and hard work. It gives you an extra headache that consumes your productivity! Accounting software is able to show you all the cash flow information and statements of your business automatically.

Managing Credit Account

The loan is a common incident in a business, a business will have some receivable accounts and some payable accounts. Accounting software assists you to be updated and informed about all your receivables and payables. On the other hand, it will provide you with an analysis of your receivables and payables so that you will be able to make meaningful decisions for the business.

Assisting Bank Tasks

Banking is an integral part of the business industry. Including managing your bank accounts, bank cheques, and bank statement reconciliation all of the tasks are automatically done by accounting software.

Accounting software can also print your bank cheques for payments which decreases the chances of making any error and also reduces your manual efforts.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Accounting Software

Using accounting software would be a great investment for the future of your business. It will help you in versatile ways to minimize your manual workloads and manage tasks digitally. Now, we are going to talk about the key benefits of using accounting software.

  • Time-Saving

Accounting software will save you hours of stress working every day. In a manual bookkeeping system, you invest hours every day to handle all the transactions and calculate them but in accounting software, these will be done automatically within a blink of an eye. 

You will not need to download bank or credit card data and manually input all of them in a spreadsheet, your software will do it automatically. Moreover, it will cross-check all the transactions by default.

  • Money Saving

Using accounting software in our company will just not only save you time but also save you money! If you manage all your finance, inventory, cash flow, and bills or invoices manually then probably you will need more employees. They will cost you extra money.

Either, you consider yourself to do those all confidential tasks alone then probably you will lose your valuable productivity for simple tasks!

So if you do not want to have extra employees in your business and also want to utilize your productivity more in business-boosting then accounting software is for you. It will automatically do the critical mathematical calculations and generate bills/invoices to save you money too.

  • Updated Reports

Accounting Software is built to save you time by lessening your work. These platforms help you to get all your Income statements, balance sheets, cash flow, and credit or debit account reports within a few clicks of your mouse.

If you need any specific report or report of any selected account then you have the option to use filters.

  • Syncs Financial Data

It is expected that all financial data of an organization won’t be available on a single document. There will be multiple segments like bank accounts, credit cards, accounts payable, accounts receivable, etc. Accounting software will collect your financial data from all other sources and show it in a single place.

So you will not need to spend hours on the computer to download your financial files and then sum them up all on a large spreadsheet.

  • Accurate Data

In accounting software you don’t have to input your data manually so there is no chance of making any mistakes. Your financial reports, bills, and bank cheques all will be generated by automation. That will ensure your data are correct and without mistakes.

  • Ready-made Financial Statement

Preparing a financial statement manually is itself a hassle! It becomes more difficult when you try to make it look fully professional. But your accounting software is your friend that will help you to get an automatically generated financial statement without any time-consuming mistakes.

  • Payroll Management

Managing the payroll or the salaries of your employees every month is another stressful task! When you have good accounting software, it will manage all your payroll or salary accounts. It will just not calculate all the amount of payroll also it will send the transactions of all employees at a fixed date to a fixed account automatically.

  • Easy TAX Management

If you have proper financial statements and classified data segments then obviously you will face fewer errors to manage and calculate all your taxes. Advanced accounting software provides you with automatically created TAX calculations so paying TAX will become easier than ever before.

  • Helps Inventory Management

Accounting software includes inventory management features. That feature is programmed to detect all sales, stock levels, and goods locations. It can show you real-time inventory details and vanish the mode of manual inventory calculating stress!

  • Better Information Security

Financial documents and information are the most confidential database of an organization. Accounting software ensures that all your financial information is preserved safely and securely.

  • Automated Invoicing

Writing individual invoices for each customer is another time-consuming process. Accounting software will automatically generate your invoices or bills for customers. It will save you time and provide a better service to your customer.

  • Multiple Users in Real-time

Accounting software that has an online version, allows more than one user at a time to get into the database and edit or function any data. It shows real-time updated data to all the parties who are on the dashboard.

  • Access from Anywhere

Some accounting software offers you an android application that can access the entire management system at any time, anywhere. Those that do not have an android application, can easily get access to them via your mobile browser or computer with an internet connection.

You do not have to stay at the office to observe all our business instead you can observe the entire property while traveling or have a chill day with family.

Why Choose Us for Accounting Software Solutions

Now that you know all the features and benefits of having accounting software. This is the time to decide on the final deal. Here at ZoomIT, we are one of the biggest and most recommended software development farms in Bangladesh. Let’s talk about why we are a deserving developer farm,

  • Experienced Team

ZoomIT has been working as a software developer in Bangladesh for more than five successful years. Already we have dealt with a couple of renowned and big companies over the country even beyond the borders. Our team has a rich portfolio of software developed in the previous that proves our experience and excellence in developing consumer-satisfying software.

  • Reasonable Pricing

We don’t demand to work at the cheapest market price as we believe in quality. But we can assure you that the price you will pay for getting the software will totally be worth it. We do not charge illogical high payments to our clients. The service we provide at a price that will surely satisfy you.

  • Supportive Service

The relationship between you and us will not end with delivering your accounting software, instead, it will be the beginning of a new relationship. Our support team will be 24*7 with you. Any customization or any update (if required) will be there by you. Our dedicated software developers will make sure of that.

  • Higher Customer Satisfaction

In previous projects, we have done excellent jobs that have been appreciated by our clients. Each software or website that we have developed is working fruitfully in its own organization. The rate of client satisfaction is our testimony of hard work and trustworthy service.

  • Free Trial Offer

ZoomIT offers you a full free trial of our developed accounting software. That will give you a full phrase experience of having our accounting software in your organization. This is the chance by which you can experience all the advantages and disadvantages of our software and finally come to a decision.

  • Smooth Design

User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) is a thing to consciously judge in software, app, or website because this basic appearance is the controlling panel for the users. If the UI/UX is a complex design then it will make inexperienced or new users face a lot of difficulties. And it is not considered for accounting software because you buy this to make your business tasks easy and less time-consuming instead of becoming more harder!

We value your expectations and understand the way that will be easy for general people. That’s why our UI/UX designs are smoother and easier to use.

Get Your Accounting Software Free Trial Today

Free trial is expected by clients. So knowing your desire ZoomIT offers you a free trial period of our developed accounting software. It will not charge you anything and you will have the right to decide if you want to get the software from us or not.

If you want to experience our software and check our quality then please contact us.

Accounting Inventory Software Price

Finally, we are going to let you know the expected price range of accounting software. We have a few packages of accounting software and the price depends on the package of each software. But our basic plan starts at 9,999 BDT up to 65,000 BDT.

Type of Accounting Software Price (Approximate)
Invoicing and Billing Software 10,000 BDT
Inventory Software 9,999 BDT
Accounting Software for Office Payroll 9,999 BDT
Software for Manufacturing Company 65,000 BDT

Are you looking for an accounting software?

We are a team of highly skilled and experienced developers who have been working in the industry since its inception. Our goal is to provide our customers with a solution that will help them manage their business more efficiently, allowing them to focus on growing their company rather than worrying about how they’re going to pay bills or keep track of expenses.

While a person is interested in start-up, the must item he or she will need is a proper accounting software. As it is one of the best business appliances in need. In the case of income recording, invoices and payments (both incoming and outgoing), identifications, reports and many more, there is no option but an economic software.

By this time, you must know the importance of it. So, in order to provide you the best accounting software possible, we have tested more than 100 applications just to know which one is best affordable, easy usage and time saving. When you choose one, then you must check features like automated bank feeds, involuntary payment reminders, payment approval receipt along with online invoicing.

Apart from these, to experience real time reporting you need to choose one that can be customized and comprehensive. So, we have built one that qualifies all the necessary needs.

Software Language:

Because of the influx of usage, you need to know which programming language we are using here. There are many programming languages to use for accounting softwares. Here we are using SQL that is highly on trend now. SQL makes the toughest problems simpler and time saving.

How does accounting software monitor time and job management

In accounting software, this is highly important to monitor time limits for special tracks. We offer a highly time saving service.

Our software can assure you to have a proper time-keeping system specially for accurate payroll. With the help of a precise time-clock, you can have electronic swipe cards, PINs, fingerprints as well as barcodes in the shortest time possible.

With our time-clock feature, it is easy to track the time limit, reaching time of job advertisement along with portfolios. Also, with a few clicks, the system can store estimates.

Inventory management and our developers:

Accounting software with inventory management is a real click. If you have inventory tracking, the stocking, sales, shipping and other stuff can be done pretty easily. After thousands of research, our developers have created something super affordable and the best option for you and your business.

You can also set the inventory levels through it by using automatic ordering within the significance range. Also, we assure specific stock locations and larger distribution hubs that helps to get the proper streamline business functions.

Pricing Package:

With a super budget friendly pack, you will get most value-able accounting software with packages. Here is the chart:

Best accounting Software Latest Price
Invoice And Billing Software 10,000
Inventory Software for Import Business 9,999
Easy Accounting Software for Monthly Office Payment 9,999
Manufacturing / Production Software 65,000

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

  1. Which software is best for accounting?

There are a couple of accounting software available in the market but the ZohoBooks and Tally ERP are considered the overall best.

2. What is eCommerce accounting software?

The software that can help online store owners easily track and manage all the business transactions that take place in the store is eCommerce software.

3. What are the 2 accounting systems?

There are commonly two types of accounting systems popular worldwide, 

  • Single Entry Accounting System
  • Double Entry Accounting System 

4. Which accounting software is best for eCommerce?

QuickBooks Online is considered the best accounting software for eCommerce.

5. What is an example of accounting software?

There is a lot of accounting software today but for example, ZoomIT Accounting Solution is an accounting software.

6. What are the 7 types of accounting?

The seven types of accounting are;

  • Financial Accounting
  • Project Accounting
  • Accounting of Managerial
  • Accounting for Government
  • Forensic Accounting
  • Accounting of TAX
  • Cost Accounting

7. What is popular accounting software?

ZohoBooks is a popular accounting software.

Final Thoughts

Accounting is a mandatory portion of every business. Starting from generating invoices, including income statements, financial statements, taxes, and all-over financial insights.

To become more productive and efficient in the financial accounting management of any organization, having accounting software is just worth it. It will make your business tasks easier than ever and more accurate. Automated invoicing, payroll management, tax calculation, inventory management, etc help a business to run with accurate real-time data.

Accounting software is a blessing for business owners. It makes daily work more efficient and clear, and also very strongly manageable. Accounting software is recommended for any type of business or non-business organization.


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