Increasing the traffic of a website means increasing the number of visitors. The increase of numbers of the visitor to a website is extremely important for any website. The success of a website largely depends upon the number of visitors to the website. Today we will discuss why the increase in website traffic is important. We will also discuss how to increase website traffic. We will also discuss where you can develop your website.

Why the increase in website traffic is important

The success of a website is dependable on the visitors of the website. Facebook is the most famous successful media site. Amazon is the most successful e-commerce site. YouTube is the most successful video-sharing site.

Facebook, Amazon, and YouTube had one thing in common as a successful website. The common thing between these websites is that they had millions of visitors.

By having a large number of visitors, the website can attract advertisers.

An e-commerce website can increase its sale due to the increasing number of visitors.

An affiliate site’s conversion rate increases with a large number of visitors.

A blog site can increase its readers and business with a strong number of visitors.

So be it a news portal, subscription-based website, blog site, or any other website; the increase in the number of visitors is extremely important.

how to increase website traffic

Quality content

Quality content is extremely important for any website. If a website owner wants to increase the number of visitors, he had to provide quality content.

Quality content can be compared to the lifeline of a website. If a website had everything except quality content, that website is bound to fail.

Quality content will also depend upon the type of website. For instance, if it is an e-commerce website, the website should have an attractive picture of its product. It should have photos and videos of the product. Similarly, a news portal should have authentic news for the website.

Attractive web design

Web design is also very important for a website. A beautiful web design attracts visitors to the website. Web designing can be called to the layout, typography, color combination of a website.

Sometimes, in spite of having quality content, the website doesn’t have many visitors for its web design. The right layout of a page is extremely important. The color combination and typography should also be good for a website. If you are looking for designing your website, you can contact Thezoomit for designing your website.

Choosing a good hosting site

A good hosting site and plan should be chosen for the website. Sometimes it happens that because of buying hosting from unreliable sources, the website had to face difficulties.

Also, a hosting plan should be chosen keeping in mind the visitors of the website. The security of a website also becomes strong if hosting were bought from reliable sources. So, buying hosting may not be directly related to the increase of visitors, but it is extremely important.


Choosing a suitable font is very important for any website. It is specially important for blog or affiliate sites. A suitable font brings pleasure to the eyes of the visitors that helps in increasing the traffic.


A website must have some uniqueness in it. That uniqueness will help the website to be different from its competitors.

There are thousands of e-commerce websites. But Amazon is the most popular website. If we look at websites like Amazon like websites; we will see that each website had something unique for its visitors.

So, the uniqueness of a website can be in its contents, web designing, etc. Uniqueness helps a website to establish its own identity and increase the number of visitors.

Must be free from plagiarism

A website should be free from plagiarism. Sometimes, it happens that a website had so many content creators. It becomes difficult to identify plagiarism.

But plagiarism can easily be checked following some steps. For instance, a blog site’s writing can be checked through software to ascertain if it is plagiarized or not.

Finding out plagiarism is very important for any website. If a website is plagiarising content, Google may not give it a good ranking in their search engines.

Having plagiarism-free content helps a website to rank in Google and increase the number of visitors.

Faster page loading speed

Sometimes, many people turn away from websites because of their loading speed. If web pages are loading too slowly, it affects the impression of the customers.

Photos can be optimized to increase the loading speed of a web page. Also, in WordPress administered websites, using too many plugins may slow down the website. That’s why it is important not to use too many plugins that may slow down the website.

By increasing the loading speed of a web page, a website can easily increase the number of its visitors.

Sharing content on social media

Sharing content on social media can increase the number of visitors. The people we are connected with can know about the website by sharing content. Also, if other people like the content, they will also share it.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, etc are some of the platforms where content can be shared. Also, a social media page of the website can also be set up of the website. That specific social media page of the website will share various contents of the website.

Internal linkings

Various web pages of a website should also be interlinked. It means that a page will also have links to various web pages of the same website.

Internal linking of the website should be done carefully. The visitor should find the link useful and shows interest to go to that page. That’s why it is better to have the same type of topic interlinked in the website. Internal linkings can increase website traffic.

External linking

Besides internal linking, external linking is also very important. External linking means that the link of various web pages of that site will be shared on other web pages.

By external linkings, visitors of other websites may come to visit your website. The best way to do external linkings is to do it by related topic. For instance, if a blog site wants to increase it,s visitors, it should do its external linkings to websites where similar things were discussed.

Many people do external linkings by linking sites to irrelevant websites. External linkings on irrelevant site is not much fruitful.


Website visitors can also be increased by way of advertisement. There are many ways through which advertising can be done.

Advertising can be done for Google search engines. Each time one will search for that topic, the website’s ad will be shown on Google. Also, advertising can also be done on social media channels. Social media channel specially Facebook is very effective for advertisement. Social media can even target a specific group of people for advertisement.

Advertising can also be done by influencers. Also, an advertisement can be given on other websites. Although advertisement costs a lot of money, still it brings a lot of website traffic.

This is how website traffic can be increased. For any kind of website, increasing website traffic should be a top priority.

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