A website is a collection of web pages that would have a domain name and domain extension. Building a website is a very good step to expand a business. There are many different types of websites. For instance, affiliate websites, blog sites, social media sites, e-commerce sites, portfolio sites. It is always recommended that one develops a website by buying a domain name and hosting. However, not all people would like to spend money on developing a website. In this case, a website can be made for free on Google. Today we will discuss how to make a website for free on google. We will also discuss other platforms to develop a free website as well as problems of a free website. Finally, we will also discuss Thezoomit and its web development service.

How To Make A Website For Free On Google

Going to the site

One would have to go to the address here.

Decide what kind of website you want

Then, you will have to decide what kind of website you want.

Start a new site

After going to the new address, you should start a new site. You can start it from a blank template and develop a site completely by yourself.

You can also develop a site from the templates of Google. If there is less time, then you can use the template. But if you have time in your hand, it is better to start from a blank site. Using templates will make your design look like other websites. But starting from a blank site will make your website different from another website.

Chose a name

After that, you should choose a name for your site. Also, you can rename your website on Google at a later time. After choosing a name for your site, you should press enter.

Adding Contents

After finalizing the name of your site, you should add content to your site. You can add content for free.

Final step

After you had finished all the other steps, you should click publish to publish your changes.

After you had finished developing a website, you can also delete the website at a later time if you want.

Other platforms to develop a free website

Besides Google, You can also develop a website from other platforms also. Platforms like WordPress, Wix, etc support free website building.

But if you build a website for free on platforms like WordPress, Wix; these website’s names will be added to the address of your site. For instance, if the name of your free website is y and you had built it on the WordPress platform, the name of it will be “y.wordpress.com”. But the name of the website builder can be removed by switching to the paid platform.

Problems of a free website

There are some problems with a free website. For instance, a free website will have limited functions. The site security will also be not that strong.

Also, a free website runs very slow compared to a paid website. A free website will also have the name of the website building platform.

But all these problems can be solved by switching to the paid version.

Thezoomit and its web development service

Thezoomit is an expert web development company. It had an experienced, dedicated, hardworking team of web developers. If you want to develop a website, you can contact Thezoomit for the development of your site. The expert team of web developers of Thezoomit will ensure that you get your desired website. Thezoomit is also experienced in web designing.

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