The website can be called to a collection of web pages that will have a domain name and domain extension. While building a website, the speed of the website is very important. The visitor’s impression of the website also depends on the speed of the website. Today we will be discussing what is website speed, why website speed is important, how to improve the site speed, and where you can develop a website that will be speedy.

What is website speed?

While visiting a web page, the loading of the web page is important. The website speed can be measured by how much time the web pages of that website take to be loaded. Sometimes it is seen that some of the contents of the web pages had been loaded but other contents like photos or videos take more time to be loaded.

Also, some of the websites work perfectly on the computer but slows down on a mobile or tablet. This type of website generally uses a lot of function in their web pages and doesn’t specifically design their web page for mobile or tablet.

Why Website Speed Is Important

We had discussed previously the definition of a website and how it can be measured and its examples. Speed is an important factor for the website. World-famous websites like Facebook, Amazon load very fast. If a website wants to have a lot of visitors, the speed of that website should be very fast.

Creates a good impression on the visitor

Imagine you had visited a news portal so that you can read the news. But the web page of the news portal had only been partially loaded. You will generally feel irritated by this. You may not visit the website a second time for its slowness and choose a website that loads faster.

A fast website gives a good impression to its visitors. People are more likely to visit a fast website than a slow website.

Saves the visitors valuable time

A fast website saves the valuable time of the visitors. For instance, a website takes 1 second to be loaded. The visitors can visit the web pages of the website in the blink of an eye on this website.

On the other side, another website takes 6 seconds for a web page to be loaded. If a visitor visits 10 pages of that website, he will have to keep an extra one minute for just loading time. That’s why loading time is very important. A website with a good loading time may save the valuable time of the customers.

Higher Conversion Rate

Conversion rate can be called to do some specific action on the part of the visitors that is beneficial for a website. For instance, an e-commerce site’s conversion rate would be if the visitor buys something. An affiliate site’s conversion would be if the visitor clicks on the affiliate link and buys something.

As had been said earlier, a fast website creates a good impression on the mind of the visitor. So generally, a customer will have a higher conversion rate on a fast website. On the contrary, a slow website makes the visitor irritated and the conversion is very low on that website.

Staying a long time on the web page

If a visitor feels comfortable with the speed, he will usually stay a long time on the web page. The more the visitor stays on the web page, the better it is for the websites. He may visit other pages of the website while staying on the website.

But if the web page is too slow, the staying time of the visitor is generally very short. So, a fast website is important so that the customer stays a long time on the web page.

User Friendly

A fast website will also be user-friendly. The function of fast loading is an important function for a user-friendly website.

Helps to get paid ads

A fast-loading website will also be ahead of getting ads comparing to its competitors. The ad giver takes into account the speed of the website. If the ad is given on a slow website, it will have a low conversion rate. The ad giver prefers to choose a fast website as it would have a higher conversion rate.

How to improve the site speed

We will discuss some techniques regarding how the speed of the site can be improved. For instance, optimizing images is very important to improve site speed. By optimizing images of different web pages, a site’s speed can be improved easily. Also, optimizing images doesn’t harm the visual quality of the image.

Designing websites separately for mobile and tablet is also very important for site speed. For instance, if we log in to Facebook through our laptop and mobile, we will see two different versions. Any website that wants its visitor’s impression to be good, should keep a separate design for mobile.

Hosting is also a very important factor for site speed. The website owner had to choose a hosting that provides good speed.

Another important thing for increasing site speed is to reduce the number of plugins. Specially, on the WordPress site, many website owners use a lot of plugins. Using so many plugins may slow down the website. That’s why it is important to reduce the number of plugins.

So, after this long discussion, we are able to understand the necessity of a fast website. If you are looking for a fast website, you can contact Thezoomit to develop a fast website for you.

Thezoomit had an experienced, dedicated, young team of web developers who will ensure that you get a faster website.

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