Choosing a domain name is very important for the strategy of the business. A domain name gives the business an online address. Today we will discuss the definition of a domain name and its examples. We will also discuss how to choose a domain name for business. We will also be discussing why choosing a domain name is important for any kind of business. Finally, we will be discussing how Thezoomit can develop and design your website.

The definition of a domain name

If we go to “”; we will see that it had two sections in it. One is “Facebook” and the other is “.com”. The first part of this Facebook is the domain name. The second part of it that is “.com” is the domain extension here.

So, in short, we can say that domain names are generally that part of the web address that comes first orderly.  If we look at websites like “”, “” or “”; amazon, Instagram and Twitter had been the domain name of these websites.

The website is known through this domain address. For instance, if we mention amazon in our conversations, we mention it like amazon. We don’t mention the full web address of amazon.

how to choose a domain name for business

Select a name first

At first, select a name for your website as the domain name. If the business had already a name, then the domain name should be the same as that. For instance, if someone had a business named “yz”; the domain name should also be yz.

If the business had not been given any name, then the business owner can choose a domain name. It is not necessary that the domain name would reflect the business. There are successful websites like Facebook that’s domain name reflects its business. On the other hand, there are websites like amazon that’s domain name doesn’t reflect its business.

Also, the name should be easy to pronounciate. As the website will be known by its domain name, so it is important to use a domain name that is easy to pronounciate.

The domain name should not be too long. A long domain name may cause irritation to the visitors. Also, the visitors may find it difficult to type the long domain name on the search bar.

So, choosing a suitable domain name is the first step.

Check for its availability

Many domain names are not available on some extensions. In many of the cases, it is seen that the “.com” extension of that domain had already been bought.

There are many extensions of the domain name. “.com,”; “.org”, “.net” are generally the most used extensions in the business field.

So, if the “.com” extension is unavailable, then the business owner may look for other extensions. Extensions like “.net, .org” are also suitable as a business domain extension.

You can check the availability of the domain name on many websites. Websites like Hostgator, Bluehost, GoDaddy are some of the most famous websites where domain availability can be checked.

Buy the domain name

After checking the availability of the domain name, you can buy the domain name. Websites like Hostgator, Bluehost, GoDaddy sells domain name. Besides the domain name, a hosting provider service should also be bought for the website.

When a suitable domain extension is unavailable

Sometimes, it happens that the business doesn’t get its suitable domain extensions. For instance, it may not get the “.com” extension it had wanted.

In these cases, GoDaddy offers a package sometimes. GoDaddy will negotiate with the existing website owner to sell the domain. But in these cases, the domain cost will skyrocket.

So, if it is an already well-established business, it is preferable to choose any business domain extensions. But if the business’s name had not been finalized yet, then it would be better to look for other available domain names.

Another thing can be done when a suitable domain extension can’t be found. That is to go to the website that had the domain name and domain extension that the client wants. Then contact the website to sell the domain name to the client. It works in many cases and it is possible to get a reduced price.

Cost of domain name

The cost of a domain name differs from website to website. Some websites offer free domain names for a year. But the condition they give for that is one had to buy the hosting for that site also. There are various sites where domains can be bought.

The client can look up different websites and get a suitable price for a domain name. Websites like Hostgator offers domain name at only $2.75 a month. But the fee of the domain name had to be paid monthly/yearly. One can get a discount if he selects the yearly package for the domain name.

Why choosing a domain name is important for business

Choosing a domain name gives the website an online address or identity. The online world will know the site to its domain name. For instance, if any famous shopping brand opens a website other than their brand name, people will not recognize the online address of the brand.

Also, a domain name sometimes also helps to identify the type of website. For instance, from the domain name“Facebook”; we can understand it is a social media site.

A domain name is a digital permanent address. Once a website is known with its domain name, it is hard to change the domain name of that website. Visitors often find it difficult to find their favorite site if they had changed their domain name.

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