Website owners earn money in multiple ways. They can earn money from selling products on their website, affiliate programs, advertisements, and other ways. Today we will discuss the definition of a website, how website owners earn money, what it takes to open a website, and how Thezoomit can make a website for you through which you will be able to earn money.

Definition of website

A website consists of a domain name, a domain extension, and several web pages. For instance, e-commerce sites like Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc. are all a kind of website.

In the website “”- amazon is the domain name, “.com” is the domain extension and the pages that are shown on that website are webpages. So, we can conclude by saying that a website will have 3 essential things:

  1. Domain Name
  2. Domain Extension
  3. Web pages

How Website Owners Earn Money

Now, we will get back to the main topic of our website and that is about the ways how website owners earn money. We will discuss some of the ways from where website owners earn money.

Selling Physical Products

Some website owners earn money by selling physical products through the website. Products like clothes, furniture are being sold on this kind of website.  It is one of the most popular ways of making money from websites. Even large brands, restaurants also sell their products through their website.

Selling Digital Products

The difference between a digital product and a physical product is that a digital product will not have any physical existence and can only be used virtually whereas a physical product will have a physical existence and is not for virtual use. Many websites are earning money by selling digital products.

Examples of digital products are software, e-books, audiobooks, etc. Selling digital products through a website is a very profitable business as the production cost of digital products is only one time.

For instance, if someone writes a digital e-book and designs and publishes it, the production cost of it would remain the same even if a thousand copies of that book will be sold. If this book was to publish on a hard copy, each book will have a production cost on it. So website owners also earn money by selling digital products.

Being an intermediary

Some websites also make money by selling the products of others although they don’t have any products to sell. These types of websites work in two ways.

By commission

In every sale that is being done on that platform, some websites make money from these sales through commission. For instance, Amazon which is the biggest e-commerce platform in the world works on a commission basis and for every sale that is being done on their platform, Amazon takes a percentage from that sale.

By rent

Some website owners also give their website to the seller on a rental basis. In this business model, no matter how much the seller sells his product, he would have to give a fixed rental price to the business owner. This rental price is being negotiated by the website owner and the seller.

This type of business model can be compared to a virtual shopping mall. In a shopping mall, the seller had to give an amount fee to the mall owner to showcase his product and in this type of website also the seller had to give a rental fee to the website owner to showcase his product on the business owner’s website.

One may also ask a question that why would people choose these types of websites for selling their products while they can develop a website on their own.

The answer is that the websites that work as an intermediary between the customers and the seller had a large number of visitors on their website. It would be very difficult for a new website owner to bring so many visitors to his website.

For instance, the number of visitors on websites like Amazon or eBay is in the millions. If a seller joins this website, he can have access to these visitors just by paying a commission on every sale to these websites.

That’s why many sellers choose to do business with this type of website by giving a monthly rent or a commission per product to the website owner.


Website owners also make money by way of advertisement. There are several methods of advertisement through which website owners can make money.

Advertisement through an agency

This is by far the most popular method for advertising on a website. In this method, the website owners contact an ad agency and express their willingness to show ads on their platform. Google Adsense is an example of this kind of ad agency.

After verifying the number of visitors on the website, these ad agencies take over the work of advertisements on the owner’s website. These ad agencies then decide which ad will be shown in which place of the website and decides everything related to advertising on that website.

In this business model, the more visitors the owner had on his website, the more money he will get from advertising in this model.

Direct Advertisement

In this method, the website owner doesn’t give his space of website to the ad agencies and instead he himself contacts the people interested in giving advertisement on his website. This method is quite a difficult method to apply as one needs to convince the people who wants to give ad on the website’s platform and also look for the people who are interested in giving ads.

But this direct advertisement method can bring a lot of money to the website owners comparing to the method where the website owner would give advertisement through an ad agency. There is no intermediary in this method so all the advertisement’s money directly goes to the website owner.

The owner who is interested in earning money through this direct advertisement method must have a high number of visitors on their website and the quality of the contents of the website should also be very good.

Audio Advertisement

When visiting a website, sometimes audio starts for a very short time while the customers are on the websites. These audios are of generally 10-25 seconds. These are audio advertisements.

But only a very few website owners give their websites for audio advertising. Audio advertisements may be irritating for some of the customers visiting the websites. That’s why we see only a very few websites give their place for audio advertisements.

Selling different types of courses

Skill dependant courses are in high demand on the internet. In many parts of the world, the teachers of a particular subject may not be available to teach them the courses. The students then turn to various online websites to learn these courses.

Courses like Digital Marketing, Data Analysis, SEO can be found only in a very few universities of the world. But the demand for these courses is generally very high. So, many individuals who are experts on these subjects are selling their courses through the website.

The benefit of selling these courses through a website is that these courses can not be pirated. Also, as these courses are digital, the teacher of these courses can take a class of thousands of students together on a website which would not be possible physically to take the class of so many students.

Website owners can also earn money by selling other people’s courses on the website and take a commission thereof.  Many famous websites like Udemy, Udacity, Coursera sell courses to customers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing where the people doing this marketing get a percentage if the customer buys something by using their referral code. Among the affiliate marketing, amazon affiliate is the most famous type of affiliate marketing. Besides amazon, websites like eBay, Walmart also have affiliate marketing.

Amazon affiliate

Amazon affiliate is the most famous type of affiliate marketing. Amazon had taken affiliate marketing to another level.

Amazon is the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. Millions of products are sold here. The website also had a lot of visitors who search for the products daily on the website.

Amazon also gives a chance to various website owners to earn money through affiliate marketing. The business plan of amazon affiliate marketing is that Amazon would give a unique link of the product to the website owner. The website owner then uses this link while promoting the product on his website.

If the visitor of the website buys anything by using the link, amazon generally gives a commission of (1-10)% to the website owner. The best part of amazon affiliate is that even if the customer doesn’t buy the exact thing by clicking the unique link of the website, but if he buys anything by clicking the unique link within 24 hours, the website owner will get a commission from thereof.

The customer who buys a product using the affiliate link doesn’t have to give any extra fee for using the affiliate link. So, many of the visitors of the website buy from various affiliate links without hesitation.

Also, many customers search on the internet for relevant information about the product. An affiliate website normally had a description of the product he is doing affiliate marketing of. For instance, if any website owner is doing affiliate marketing on a laptop, he would give detailed information about the laptop-like benefits of buying that laptop, price comparisons, etc.

So, people can earn a lot of money by doing amazon affiliate marketing. Amazon affiliate had become one of the most famous ways for website owners to earn money. Normally, the websites that had a lot of visitors, had unique contents gets approval by amazon affiliate.

Other Affiliate Programs

Besides amazon affiliates, there are also other affiliate programs like eBay, Walmart affiliate, etc. These websites also give a good percentage of commission on their affiliate programs.

Also, there are many online stores besides Amazon, eBay, or Walmart where people are doing affiliate marketing of different products on their websites.

So, affiliate marketing is a very good way through which many website owners are earning a lot of money. But to be successful in affiliate marketing, a website must have a lot of visitors and a detailed description of the product he is doing affiliate marketing thereof.

Selling websites

Website owners can also earn money by selling their websites. There are many online platforms on which websites are being sold.

The price of the website depends on many things. For instance, the number of visitors on a website, if the website is earning money through ads or affiliate marketing, what kind of website it is, location of the people visiting the website, etc.

A website that does affiliate marketing and a good conversion rate of visitors will generally charge higher than a website that solely depends on ads. Also, the website that has a higher number of visitors will also be priced higher than a lower number of visitors websites.

The price of a website also depends on the location of the people visiting the website. For instance, a website that had visitors from the USA or Europe will generally be valued higher than a website that had the same number of visitors but from different geographic locations like Africa or Asian countries.

There are also some people whose sole business is buying and selling different kinds of websites. This type of person buys a website from the owner at a relatively lower price and sells to a buyer at a higher price.

Subscription Fee

Website owners also earn money from subscription fees. A world-famous newspaper like New York Times runs on the business model on subscription fees. There are mainly two models on which subscription fee works.

In the first model of subscription fees on a website, the visitor had to pay a certain amount of money monthly or yearly to access the contents of that website. Without paying money to the website, the visitor can’t access a single content on the website.

The second type of model can also be called the freemium model. In this business model, the visitors can have access to some of the contents of the website, but if he wants to access all the contents of the website then he had to pay a certain amount of fee.

By donations

Many websites also run on complete donations. This type of website is accessible to everyone but the website owners appeal to the visitors of the website to give donations to run their websites.

There is no fixed amount of donations one can give to these websites and also the people who donate on these websites don’t receive any extra benefits. Specially, religious websites depend on the donations given by the visitors to run the website.

So, these are some of the ways how website owners earn money.

What it takes to open a website

Opening a website is a very easy task. One should have a registered domain name and extension, a hosting, and a platform where the website can be administered. For buying a domain name and hosting, a website owner had to give a certain amount of fee.

A website can also be opened for free. But the security of the free sites is not strong. Also, if a lot of visitors come to these free websites, the website may slow down. Also, it is very hard to get approval from websites to advertising agencies, and affiliate marketing platforms.

So, it is recommended that one should open a website while buying a domain name and hosting service.

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