A beautiful web design can change the mindset of the visitor. A visitor feels attracted to a website seeing its web design. So, designing a website properly is very important for any website. Today we will discuss different aspects of web design. For instance, we will discuss tips for creating an effective website design. We will also discuss why website design is so much important. Finally, we will discuss where you can design your website beautifully.

Tips For Creating An Effective Website Design

There are certain things that need to be looked after before designing a website. Website design is a combination of things like font, color, layout, of a web page. So, these things should be specially looked after while designing a website.


The use of the font is very important for websites. If the font is for a blog site, the font should be a popular font. A blog site should have fonts that people had been used to see.

The font is one of the most important factors while designing a blog site. People come to blog sites to read various content. If the font is unknown, the visitor will not feel comfortable reading the content of the website.

But for designing or brand websites, the requirement of a font is totally different from a blog site. The designing site should use fonts that should look attractive and different in the eye of the visitor. The use of attractive font in this type of website can impress the visitor of the website.

So, deciding on a font is an important step for designing a website. The web designer should look at the type of website he would be designing. Different types of websites had different requirements for fonts. A web designer should also keep in mind the visitor of the website before choosing a font.


Color is also essential for designing a website. The use of proper color in a website can attract visitors to the website.

Choosing the right color in the right place is important for a website. For instance, an e-commerce website should have a special colored button for its “shop now” feature. If we go to websites like Amazon, we can see the color contrast in the same web pages of the website.

Using different colors in different features of a web page helps to identify things of a website easily. Different sections of a website should also be highlighted with different colors.

But using too much color on blog sites or e-commerce websites is not good. The use of color should be limited to a blog site or e-commerce site. Using too much color in this type of site may confuse the visitors of a website.

But fashion or brand websites should use multiple colors on their website. In short, if we summarize the strategy for using color in a web page, we should first look at what type of website it is. Then, we should make sure that the combination of colors looks good on the web page.


Page layout also plays an important role in the designing of a website. A good website should make a proper layout of its web pages.


The website should be designed in such a way that some pages of the website should be interlinked. For instance, the same topic that is discussed in different web pages should be interlinked.


The website should also have a menu. That menu should contain the different topics of the website.

A visitor can have an idea about the website by seeing the menu of the website. He can quickly go to various pages of the website using the menu.

A menu is a must for all types of websites. It creates a good impression on the visitor of the website. Also, it saves the time of the visitor and finds the content he likes easily.

Decorating the homepage

The homepage of a website is very important. The website should give special emphasis on decorating its homepage.

When people visit any website, they usually visit the homepage first. So, if a good impression can be created from the homepage, it is very good for the website. Interactive photos, videos can be added to the homepage. A homepage should also give a brief description of the website.

Designing the homepage of a website is quite a difficult task. The design of a homepage also depends on the type of website. For instance, if it is a blog site, it should have some of the best articles on that site. If it is an e-commerce site, it should advertise its most successful products.

Other factors

There are other things that should be looked after before designing a website. For instance, The page loading speed should also be kept in mind. Sometimes, some website uses high-quality images that decrease the page loading speed. Websites can optimize images to increase the speed of the website.

The size of the font of a website should also be considered. If the size of the font is too small, it would be difficult to read the contents of the website. If the size of the font is too big, the visitor may feel annoyed scrolling down the pages.

Why website design is so much important

Designing a website beautifully increases the number of visitors of a website. We know that visitors are the lifeline of the website.

The number of visitors is directly related to the success of the website. If the number of visitors is high, the website can have a lot more ads. An e-commerce website can have a good number of sales with a strong number of visitors. An affiliate website can increase its conversion rate by designing its site beautifully.

Also, a website with a good design will encourage its visitor to stay more time on the website. Staying on a website is a very important factor in the success of the website. Also, if visitors spend a good time on the web page, Google also notices it and it helps the website to rank in the Google Search Engine.

Also, a good design creates a good impression for the website. The visitor will want to revisit the site again. But if the design is not good, it creates a bad impression on the customer. For all these reasons, designing a website is very important.

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