Are you looking for a new HR software?

We know how difficult it is to manage human resources in Bangladesh. That’s why we created, an HR software that helps you simplify and optimize your HR management!

We come here to simplify and optimize human resources management in ever-evolving ways. Start your journey with the most elaborative HR software in Bangladesh! The Zoomit is an all-inclusive HR solution that will help you manage every aspect of your business, from recruitment to payroll. It’s time to take control of your company’s future by streamlining its workforce.

You can easily track employee performance, monitor attendance, and automate payroll tasks with our intuitive system that works on any device at anytime. Our cloud-based platform ensures security while allowing employees access anywhere they go so they never miss a beat. With this easy-to-use tool, you can be sure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to company policies and procedures – no more confusion or miscommunication between managers and staff members! This streamlined approach will save you valuable time while increasing productivity across the board. Don’t wait another day before taking advantage of what we have to offer; contact us today for more information about how we can transform your business into something truly special!

Do you want to put a stop to false data and inaccurate information?

Have you lost track of the budget-hour-productivity calculation?

We come here to simplify and optimize human resources management in ever-evolving ways.

Start your journey with the most elaborative HR software in Bangladesh! reshapes the course of action of your HR.

Select the most elegant HR software company provider of the country,, and manage the talents of your company to keep them happy as well as drive productivity

Our cloud-based HR software includes but is not limited to

  • Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)
  • Human Resources Management Systems (HRMS)
  • Human Capital Management (HCM)
  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • Payroll Systems
  • HR Software in Bangladesh

Benefits of our state of the art HR software in Bangladesh

  • Elimination of errors of double data entry
  • Cost-saving due to minimal use of stationery items like pen and paper
  • Implementation of robust learning management and employee development.
  • Effective management of payroll
  • Complete synchronization of time and attendance software with payroll
  • Complete control over overtime, labor cost, and compliance issues
  • Self-service functionality for employees to submit various requests
  • Fully mobile optimized
  • Smooth recruitment policy for attracting top talent
  • Focusing on team not an individuals to provoke productivity
  • Forget boring classrooms, learning is fun with our software
  • Instead of reactive action, you will be able to decide strategically in case of hiring
  • Office from home was never better than this with our software which increases productivity
  • A complete contemporized system between your HR and accounts team to grow financially
  • Absolute and effortless control over project base, temporary, casual, contractual employees
  • Continuous feedback and KPI instead of one in the year apprisals
  • A road to the transparency of performance and accountability
  • Complement elimination of “hush-hush” culture by deploying tip to toe transparency

HR Software in Bangladesh-Modules we cover

As a business owner or head of HR, you must be annoyed by losing the opportunity to praise-worthy and focused employees. Or maybe your admin guys are cursing the most passionate HRM members. That is where comes with the best modules a software can provide.

eRecruitment Module


  • Personalized CV bank, categorizing and sorting according to the requirement.
  • Searching for suitable candidates, sending notifications as per the necessity and track records
  •  The complete tracking system of each step from job advertisement to joining

Compulsory Modules


  • Restriction policy according to the company requirement
  • Personal audit report and complete accountability record of the user
  • System set-up and parameterization
  • Complete tracking unauthorized login attempt and violation of given authorization


  • Online file for each employee information
  • The authorized employee can upload files
  • If management wants then each employee can upload file to their own files
  • The increased overall efficiency of the software

Task Tracing Modules


  • Self-servicing leave application system and management approval chain
  • Integrated calculation of leave balance and leave management


  • Automatic synchronization between biometric face/finger/card recognition device with the software.
  • Showing calculated structured data of duty time, leave, and absent percentage for each employee

Payroll & Consequent Modules


  • One small step to generate payroll salary
  • Numbers of adjustments policy with proper authorization
  • Adjustments of loan, PF, IOU, etc due to state of the art synchronization


  • Automatic tax calculation according to the current law
  • Software automatic updates when law changes
  • Allows flexibility on income tax calculation


  • Automated PF calculation and deduction with notification to each employee
  • Time-saving due to the automated process of PF allocation and calculation
  • Personalized automatically generated PF statement for each employee


  • Complete inbuild loan module with a track record of the employee
  • Thoroughgoing loan status, EMI calculation, and sync with payroll
  • Personalized report on loan disbursement with proper approval

Development & Evaluation Modules


  1. Smart KPI management module for each employee
  2. Evaluation can be made from both top to bottom and bottom to top for each employee


  1. Summarise training data and synchronization with personal files and other necessary segments


  1. Complete eLearning facilities for employees where everyone can put data with proper authorization
  2. Best knowledge sharing technique

Features we cover in our software

If you are an industrialist you know that three things are needed to run a business, man, machine, and material. Among these three key factors, the only alive thing is the man. Controlling manpower and motivating them through proper channels is one of the crucial tasks.

But once you master it your man can control the machine and material. And for controlling man you will be needing a proper team and transparency. You need HR software to provide you with that crystal clear concept about the talents working for you. You can use those talents and develop or train new ones.

Core HR (Personnel Tracking)

Time and Attendance

Employee database Workforce scheduling
Job information Time tracking
Current and historical salary data Absence management
Full time/part-time status PTO and sick time monitoring
Employee availability Kiosks and/or biometric time clocks
Employment anniversaries



Employee Self-Service

Salary tracking Employee access to personal information
Bonuses Benefits enrollment access
Paycheck calculations Time off requests
Tax withholdings and garnishments Payroll information
Tax filing and reporting Company announcements
Direct deposit


Benefits Administration

Performance Review

Employee access to personal information Competencies
Insurance information Goal setting
401(k) information and enrollment Employee feedback
Life events management 360-degree reviews
Wellness programs Annual reviews and increases
Carrier feeds (electronic data interchange)


Applicant Tracking

Learning Management

Job requisitions Certification management
Job postings eLearning management
Job board integrations Assessment tools
Screening and background checks Training administration
Candidate database Gamification
Interview management

OUR Software is suitable for

We can cover all aspects of the business of our country. But till now our specialized team has worked on the below segments


  • Retail Businesses
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Banks
  • Large Corporations
  • Small Businesses
  • Start-Ups
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Real Estate Companies
  • Schools
  • Government Agencies

Before I leave

Creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg once said,” We have to hire people from India otherwise they will invent another Facebook on their own” Cause he knows the talents working for him from tip to toe.

When you are the owner you need to see through your employees. Our software comes in handy to judge the true colors of the employees, to find talent, and to train new ones. So let us grow together.

Thank YOU!

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